Saturday, April 30, 2011

poem || Edward Nichols


Planet constellation in a magnetic ball gown. Kinetic subliminal out-power on a Granium bite flying beneath the Earth; intercontrolling the natural born species of a faraway radiation sun.

The metaphysical abnormalities cascading with lucre. Feel the Trilogy of infamy and the Robot. Pie squared instigations a mathematical revolution.

Dr. Dent-These new magnets are really great; the ground cycle reveerb mechanism is quite unique. Metaphysical reversion outfits for cable receptors; now, tell me this truth have you ever seen anything more fascinating.

The chairs somanblistic tirade beams the light in it's omni-directional purpose, crosssing the boundaries of physics; rolling in a non-physical universe.

His psychedelic frequencies pattern set a stake on the moon; it riveted in down play sure fired torque driven displays of shimmering electric pools. Space for the electronique gadget designed to frizzle the tube box.

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