Friday, April 22, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Compramos Oro

Switch to lauds upon receipt of glory fractional and scooped.
She used to show (her wrist), she used to (shade her eyes), she used to
(imitate) eliminate, she used to storyboard). What motivation is revealed,
revered, restored? A pronoun's forced upon a given (lore). If point of sale
is obvious, then what of your injurious supposing? Care concerns
associated with a level one. Respond, explain. Review in the reverse. I knew
a man (quoth she). I forewent the wrong past (participle). Give me
a moment north of our fragility. Statewide. State foreknown. An agile fortified
neglect equates to course correction. Multiply or testify or stonewall a forensic coup.
Dried, voiced, or fumed. Define neglect. Mhome is your home. Our homogenous elation
turns investigative journalese. The term to term seems motherhood. What plaudits
come to us apart. Sweet selves who spork these drams. Given plastics as a function
of a timeline. Arbitrary, overdone, in motion. Being in arrears, turns template prior
to contemplative. "There's a situation." So the monitoring team plunges into allegation.
Singular. As steam rises proximate to the vest. "My stars and garters," says the mother
of the bride. Appurtenances override a pale assemblage of dry druthers.
Broth aligns with brotherhood. Endowments surge.

"Come hither," said the primate, don't condone mortality, six weeks, such short time

Sheila E. Murphy