Tuesday, April 26, 2011

poems || Jim Leftwich


sidestep clearing house no chance delirium
televised variable hatrack yard sales
quivering vacancies business as irascible
mouse catchers dream aslant encyclopedic
miniature sunburns annihilated birthmarks
nonetheless compartmental cadaverous
birdhouses diverted echolocation
mitigates daily toxins
once upon the gore ohm muttering during hamster



bucolic moonlit fastidious kites
arranged diaries uninhabitable disembark
how dare this brewing newly in midday
hurry up
let's gargle with sunspots

simmering berm eyelids meiosis
subtract hazards heist akin to radar
don't bet on it
no matter the sugar in a garfish hat

mule-deer cola
mollusk under golem
muzak of meek gizzards
etched limerick unmasked
hashmark gobbling mull

bit by bit the hidden valleys are diminished
soul is the edict of work


our none

our none lung gulls machete
what a thumb lanyard vestigial
cantilevers elastic and daring
dog days at the bankers accordion lore
belies dust susurrus ziggurat
attentive harpoon seance
everted evergreen magic markers
harbors beribboned assonance
not yet the advent of lotus birds
unclear uncial uncouth undercover unclean
vermillion vacation in Cancun
we are bigger than that air conditioner
such a camaraderie of sexy bums playing kickball
however lake akimbo muddier than the eyelid devil
what size is the sailboat
how cute is the hardhat
what kind of deal and why so soon


or radicalized

or radicalized darkness is imminent but tease
the nose with a hazardous den of needs
mantra lobes molotov cocktails at the zoo
quaint delinquent hacienda outside qualitative
windows dead-eye clarity and razor-sharp
gardening are splintered neatly arranged
in queues from here to India
so far but not so good
and not so fast either
dogs bite tire then bite each other
it is not the fate of the dog to kick the tire
then ride off into the sunset over Denmark
with a hat on like john wayne or ronald reagan
how can we even begin to believe it


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