Wednesday, March 30, 2011

text || Ric Carfagna

from Symphony No. 7
(detached resonating hour)


It is
a mutated primordial archetype
it is
a cadaverous shell of molecular dissonance
it is
a celestial effigy of transient refuge
it is
death in a dust of plasma wilderness
it is
a face in the mirror
reduced to enervated silhouettes
it is
here to speak of humanity
of apparitions in doorways
of an elongated shade at noon
of divination in an ancestor’s eyes
as a gauzy reticular eyelid’s web
as a hallowed poverty’s cornerstone
as a chained song’s morning thaw
or in the nature of a grey water’s ashen drift
and of a castellated radioactive errata
and of a gouty neo-platonic deity
and of a frozen crow in windless dawn
and of a jeweled immanence in visceral ebb
and of a Neanderthal’s id perceptual contusion
and of a littering impotent Newtonian muse
and of a glassine eye’s burning landscape ruin
to form this reality’s foci
an imprisoned aura of cerulean mercy
night sky and orbits of transience
diminished elusive undercurrents
as is the purpose of words
as being materiality
a paper void’s guttural wind
a bleeding womb’s consuming euphoria
a dead leaf’s rhizomic trajectory
an image elucidating compassion’s futility
an image somewhere not here
an image of a bloodless lion’s reanimated corpse
a sundering of philosophy’s existential tyranny
a suturing vestige of atomistic indeterminacy
and to fabricate windows from walls
and storms gathering in framed alcoves
and wherein lies the empirical
ending in mythology


Nomadic moon and dust forms
upon an isolated stairwell
a day of unwritten sameness
a phenomena to transcend
the ghost of Rilke’s elegy
the disquiet ameliorations of flesh
the nature of a singularity’s unwinding skein
the prismatic recession’s hypnogogic flux
and to perfect this intoxication’s asylum
this dimensionality’s mutating turbulence
this lingering unconscious serpent’s trance
in the veins of congenital slurry
in the gnawing worm’s colic persistency
in the blood and spirit
in the rind and skin of inner resonance
and to remove the intimate measure from distance
a light through slotted gables
a transmutation of detrital hyperbole
or words of a bed-sitter’s tar plain lament
or blind crows in a field of roses
reminding one of death
as in portraits of curves and horizons appearing
through ebbs on stratospheric tongues
as in the pendulum returning
an eschatological transcendence
a tracing blight of corridor sperm
of placating aspirations to malignant verity
of breath within the opaque body bag
of afterthought in wakes of repression
of the grasp of the detached sublime
the bereaving elisions at apocryphal limens


A contrarian’s belief in an angular overcast
existing upon a hidden ground
a misanthropic aphasia to nurture
this Heraclitian meadow’s flowering of chaff
this backbone of a hunted mortality’s atomization
speculative shades in archetypal discordance
an eon’s petrified ephemeral resonance
a broken fence’s thin entropic alignment
an unraveling thread’s half-life decay
cold swords at an ocean’s edge
slashing the fledgling creed’s equation
and to follow these vacated drowning eyes
a vision’s solidifying seamless grey parousia
black outlined cognitive dispensations
construing the architectural aspect of dust
evanescent scraps in sanity’s apprehension
or moot theories to defend
the hourglass mountain’s fractal stability
the specters of marrow and torso decay
feeding the sterile orb’s ontological dream
feeding the wreckage of driftwood and ash
feeding the imprisoned outcrops of blood
lost within boundaries of plasticized dehiscence
or heliotactic eye on lilting velvet wing


Listless anesthetized vessels
enmeshed in an antediluvian sea’s hollow depth
passive terrestrial reliquaries
vanquished to transcendent formulaic silence
here the perturbational ebb of empty page semantics
the luminously drossed billowing cathedral’s purview
the somatic spirit of wind and nadir shadow
flowing through the crystalline dragonfly’s reticular wing
the abstruse beauty of numinous corridor light
predestined by gods of synergistic tinder-flux
the isolating eyes of the straw dog’s shadow
falling through the scarified pavement voids


Contemplating the empty room
outside the three dimensions of adamantine space
outside the cerebrally imploding gas-light labyrinth
here the quantum impairments
of tongue and mirror edge
of curtain lace and wilted flesh
of receding neutrino’s blighted marrow flow
of a constellating solidarity’s Cartesian night
of hermetical citadels forging calloused limbs of dust
of glass-paned opacity coveted in requiem sleep
of the onyx-stained new moon’s scour
crossing the Neolithic limen of death

Ric Carfagna

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