Thursday, March 24, 2011

text || Edward Nichols

immaculate misconception

On the Outskirts of hmanity (the civil outer road)the illusion iscomplete.coming off the hazardous waste of the great mindfield of Maneverybodies invited to the party -Atheistic Monarchy- teh great Parade of darision-made up of indecision.The tingling you feel in the bottom of your feetmill rise to thevery tip top of your head.A million tingling heads heads produced Orgone by teh tons-Dr.Dent wasvery happily feeling his immaculate fix.Stoned immaculate. Lady Space the directorate opens her Ninth seal,releasing even more stored universal orgones.
Dr. Dent trancended all that was garbage and cardboard in the world, attaining Aura-Chrystallizing epheameral purity. Doctor Dent was thoroughly lolligaged.

Concurrent themes he envinced as he whetted the rust off his tippy-top hat.Thoroughly flourished he envinced himself of a tapestr and ran the blue-pole home a tempster hanging off a pole.ran the quarter mile as a fifth.shelved used Turnip greens of a stuttering shot of rigomoris. His throat shattered in a hacking cough at the mere mention of the word... Embittered embroiled battle, bubbling bloated blasted in the everhaven Garden of demetrius'delights. The light floated past,one by one,as the overdrive.,the middleman and pure thepuree on neutral.

Sudden with the Earth,light shone through the clods of dirt.Christalyzing. thechrsth thechrysanteum of golden morbidity. A Chancellors ring at the now, brown horse of course a tractor beam would be tantamount in the selection of verbage in a garagr filled with antiquated portraits.

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