Monday, March 21, 2011

text || Edward Nichols

I say let the tramcars go in dishevel . AKlondike for your mercy. Majority not right, let them wallow like a pig in their majority. Let them plant goose eggs and grow chickens, Perhaps their pappy will give thema swig. Born Faceless in the mirror. Seclusion always a pilummeting from celestial heights. Living on the edge of reason, so he picked a pocket of golden lint summer blooms the heart away usually at ratio rapidity Shem
one liners disguise his disgust in him.Probably at hibernated foreclusions.Jimson junipers jangle thejar well carried due to the split. ..

Harcourt asked him about his new house. He said,'It'ts wallorping and out of his shell he became an exterminator.

Instigate the shell game,swirl them with aline of the pen. NOtoriety deplos what skip over yonder and return heliotrope in the dark.
DR,Dent-conclusions are frivolous.Forever turning their wavelength are frivolouse forever

tuning with a spot of tea.Letting the Lucifer tree hang out its fetus.Hermes wiped a spot of gravy from his new dance follicles. .Jolly jaws, he couldn't keep from laughing, at wagner(Vog-NER)who was just putting on his second trenchcoat.
Draught condition stamible its cronies educate themselves from the trilo gyinfamy,rough that (expletive) the virgin Mary places him,not.Shem on this Earth. He had a bad overbite and his wine dribbled over it.

Wagner-methods of the dark side of Christ painted a portrait if Judas, for tunate rebounds tittilate formaula rebukes dying Butterflies to be reborn vivasection. Telleth me'sies all about the Lawdy mercy our gawd.Hmmmmmmm- please don't leave smidgen of detail, No Overkill, jaded prince of the air too.

Crimson type photographic surgery haloggiinmand tonic krupps Charles lives decide first bubble oath in a square root tooth kneel brave killing Joke Hrmes Wagners' oly got two more

Hermes-Wagners only got two more trenches to put on bless the Gallygarths he has that grin of the fieces eating variety on his face turn on the recorder, he's about to speak..

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