Thursday, March 17, 2011

poem || Edward Nichols

Jaded control miser
kept in his own holeHe superlatively
Reduced the Quadrangle
Respectively aimed at the
heart of atheistic aesthetic
only old relics could defuse
his anger wagner spoke
Maybe we've become so strong
that we are no longer tough
Maybe we'vve smoothed things over
So much that It's become rough
Maybe we have so much that we'll never have enough
Maybe we've conned so much that we can never
remove the bluff.

Hermes-Solo responses returneth the gods to their throne
reinstating the trilogy of infamies nefarious circle .
rectangler divas dive In the wishing well forsooth
arronquette singular servicable effete resurgence
jaded Judas no longer hanging around
He's not lost but found
his swagger was well wired golthre
dijhaeristic hellion fabricated holistically
the incubating well.No fly on the wall could outshine him
we followed the brimstone path
siddhartha turning his on path.

Dr.Dent- The Mother of invention hording around the respite of tears.
Magnification reveals the Arnold Schoenberg 12 Tone method of manufacturing.

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