Tuesday, March 22, 2011

text || Edward Nichols


Industrialized free-fall,.... Fancy,quick twirling ,...Deadpan hijinks on the sholder of a baboon,...... swerving pitchees, per plexin the fetishes,.... Duel accolades on a spritely evening,......Fairy -tales about the industrial colloquilisms,......The decks of cards relaxing on the table,......endless torqoise wings flying through the clouds,....Dangling participles on the range of declaration,....Foreshadowing the local petitions,......Upper-decks of below hand configurations,.....Cerebral parlance of precognitive intuition,....saying hello to someone saying goodbye,....Relapsed preparations forever glowing, indispensible,....undecipherable letters to way figurious,...Glass windows with sizable bank accounts.

Not a stranger to any stranger I've ever met. Mystrical stars, hari, hari. Numerological progress, harihari. Mighty Horse man,straccato.staccoto Underwood,overwood wooden-afterthought fiasco fresco,fetid philoscophy,photographing cryogenics defield majestically, framework fascinates the subterfluge,growing in pace, the incubation of the Beast ,hindssight business geographics in teh pearly recesses of the gates of Hell.Recapulatng the Gardens exit in through the backdoor., here comes the piggles in hordes,traversing the anteroom, appocalyptic doom.fog showing through thenocturnal absent mindeness caterwalling at every turn,Regurgitated nutrition absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

Beuragarde exit however the apple turns and the dice roll. Refornicate the Supplesition and substantiate Rumplestiltskin produced a phallus symbol and used it as a fertility Rite. Explode around the corner by laying on the Turkey and avoiding the boils.,Enemies were prevented from winning by the Lucifier Head.

Graphicly speaking the return of the conundrum oversaw the entirety guiding the crows line-up as the sublimination festival vessel celibrated the foresight jurisdiction fictional correspondance waylaid the ecliptical sky moon ruminating Hell's market as the jibbler-jabbler went on into the continum of nine shades of Hell reinvented for the trumpeteer to subdivide the demarcation anonaly reundiking the furry competition Cornering the sve; and, have nots by the portrait of the Queen portrait on the porch of the seventh guard, lady space the directorate gogling towards the reuptke synergistic retort espoused in a hurry towards Beuregardes head exstapulatin deified dignity for all the world to see catapulting ever skyward for the queen to see the whole mess. Elizabeth Tea revolved around the turnpike dastardly Trilogy of Infamy. transcendental meditation., the lucifer head can be had by simply asking for assistance. The sweetness of her apple cannot be denied.,dyed in the wool Mother humping the whole load.

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