Monday, March 14, 2011

text || Edward Nichols

OMEN TO BE IN A STAR as an omen tobe in a state of communion with KRSNA all the time is calledsatatam.The clever fool run by the steam of the subliminal messages zipping through the air. Guided by the Prince of the air,turns stoutly solid against solid sacred ones allthe ones -all the ones who was represented by the Beast
nOT A STRANGER TO ANY STRANGER I'VE EVER MET. mystical stars,Hari Hari.Mighty Horsemen staccatostaccoto.
Exit however the apple turns and the dice rollOl scratch firing up a cigerrate the many beautiful colours govern RefornicateGrowing fiasco fresco fetid philosofy philosophy in the pearly recesses of the gates of Hell.
THE vessel RUMINATING Hell's market on the continuum to subdivide the demarcation anomaly reup dike the fictional correspondance waylaid LADY spaceTHE DIRECTIVE,
tHE SWEETNESS OF HER apple cannot be denied dyed in the wool.TO insinuate the Shadowy world of physicsKrishnu plans subdivisions sporadicallyat the reunion deposit.

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