Tuesday, March 22, 2011

4 texts || John M. Bennett

Rusty Lamp

flooded squirrel the street a s
nore a rope of ≈ water and a
neck ,where ≈ ultra tool sunk my
≈ shoddy one shapely one it ≈ k
new beets inside your ≈ chest of
rocks why ≈ boated dogshit ≈ yes a
≈ bent aside ≈ smelled the treetop ≈
the puzzle bun in your pants ≈ crawl
it ≈ out ≈ melt your no≈se a
≈ porkly shadow ≈ current condensed ≈

The Thrumming

bark storm your gut shirt too
thless glinty scum notification
lamply dogless why your thudding
ears your nose submerged in
milk the white caves streaked with
snot OO the glass walls thrab an throb
o o o o o stunned trotting out of
was dumped my fog in the gritty
sheets and yelped or coughed what
ever grew the grunting wind


loss of
make of
shut of
late of
splat of
corn of
peel of
knock of
grunk of
shite of
melt of
tump of
load of
muse of
shirt of
time of
crash of
growl of
teliot of


pock off
dime off
cram off
lent off
gun off
mile off
mind off
spell off
grime off
tomb off
moan off
dung off
smell off
name off
tongue off
sky off
flame off
clot off
mind off

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