Monday, March 7, 2011

text || Edward Nichols

Civil Outer Road

Anorexic road map preoccupies the delivery method into ecclesiastical wafers bought atSave-alot diminisshing returns of productive energies gestalt tellthe truth now baby Jesus did you use theartifificial insemination Atheistic under the flowing rivers head- the beast lying dornt in a freezing underground. The Immaculate contraceptive.Burning the cataracts from lucifers eyes. The day they sent jesus home ,was the day he left us here all alone.
Taunt atheistic so super coffee returns the edible atrophy, Atheistic aesthetic adores the
beauty of Hell.Contracts shine the lucifer head sparkling , optic triplet stilleto foam bridges across the intuitional gap flowing carelessly across the great divide,.....trickled down drops sporadically fully clothed by the raven.

Energy of the orgone type rescinded the sailing through the cosmos the Mephistole clause generally speaking the universal laws of of physcs explains everything explaining the universe and Earths coming to be

Policies enacted at the start...........the Dog Star Sirius fornicates with Thesaurus explains it all.Morose inventory traversus the C.osmic O.ntological mesmerism A.theistic Druid tres after wandering energy salvation damnation manefistation.

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