Wednesday, March 9, 2011

text || Edward Nichols

Immaculate Misconception

Agronalin sornawalith gutter gutter smarks.Wrungular counter cracks. Smoakarian suer-scripts. Krogaxin coordinate. The teeter- crauls pourage. Crokegallion Learyismation. Luck,Determination,Sacity.LearisamtionCongruences. Unrelated logistics.Tutonial AxiomatismOrgone.Frealism Atonalism.

Go growanian geegerwalth.Non-plethorian practitudes. Aerialistic Nationalism Non-tornealated fracturism.
West eleventhProbuterationalisms.Diplagarismsonaralistic. Zolandisticplariasm.Orwellian quicktides.

Phlegmatic discharge,......while watching a phlegm slick.

Juxtapositional unified neurological knights.

wagner sets with his three outer green trench coats, four longsleeve shirts four T-shirts. Horned-rimmed non -prescriptiongreasy glasses,..... staring into his collective Ashen vision.

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