Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3 texts || John M. Bennett

Atta Boy

luggage an neck an crock an bigger
heel than ,whistle choke ,wrecked
on a rOck a muscle flaps in the
,breeze away and dog mumble your
sack of lights a stone a oooo S much
times ,gristle soaked in fog a st
eady groan a lunch no end a
rind with gravel studded oh throw
that lumpy bag up that gagging
sink !)slump a way and smirk be
neath the booshes

The Whispered Walls

the mate sucker flopped the snow sh
irt )gangly( stutter focus blend in
side \\“haw” pool// flag plate glopped
with )sneeze( utter choking ,the end of
)haw( “mind” matter or your muttered h
airdo twisty in the wind .yr toilet cloud
inhaled yr gnat tongue dance jigging in a th
ong .a mist of ::vaseline::: your eye jelly
dropping down yr ))face(( issuance of
)wah( ““name”” mute and glanceless po
ised and \\))shroud((//

Blown Off

sorta sugarfied na meated cresting
wind the wave higher than a suit )d
own damper( the brush heaven jitt
ery in the dust my ear’s damp
cough my sock stuffed in O floppy
one !I waded through the basement
clouded throat my eye blowing thr
ough the funnel where my voice
shrank down to crystal tooth my
melting on my tongue .the tiny
lights needled in my gums my
words hissings lost in splashing air

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