Monday, March 21, 2011

lineated text || Jim Leftwich


Pagans used to record the ceremony to start building the temple, and the conceptual
coincidence or something more. When the bell three times
kisses, the cake is eaten. The temple is disabled. Homes
desired. Perhaps the need to develop virtues such as humility or
rings. The priests and / or priestess lead the song with
parchment is transmitted from person to person, and write whatever is needed
with a special knife. Players move around a circle of hugs, and / or
decide what you need, feel a need and willingness.
Welcome to spring. The flowers are carried. Group circle dances
The world, allowing the ash to fall down in a bowl. Although
therefore, the voice leading global perspective, the ashes are mixed with the soil
desired. Then the leader takes the parchment to the altar
expected to perform. This meditation is for everyone.
The clock may be accompanied by movement. Three rings alarm
Towards the end of the dance. There is another song in spring and plants welcome
the seeds of the mind and help people to achieve
the divagations to follow.


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