Wednesday, March 23, 2011

text || Edward Nichols


Sponsor Loose(fitting)Ser's Fur-Atheistic aesthetic Monarchy.Theocracy.

Pancies Thankful,POKER FACE

IN theCLOSET with a coat-hangarAbort(Expletive).Burn all the(expletive)down

Police State Aleister Crowley

Poison Sumac hymen9I'm here to telltou they were way up there.

Return theREPORT on the Pedal.Hook -up old circuit boards

Been hypnotized and mesmerizeg. beaten, abused, and lobotomized.Got my will back,and i don't think you're ever coming back.I don't think you ever hear a word we say, that all we've got tu do, piddle our time away to judgement day.IF you're not in the book, well down you go.
Hope the fire is cozy and warm,
Who do you hate worst, us or yourself,

guess you left that image gathering dust on a shelf.

I'm tired of being beaten by the bible belt.

Dr.Dent- A Sociopathic DaliLhama. Antichrist pearl,unidentified flying object object conditioned reflex dirge Egdard Varese' music of the industrial revolution.Which is all Lucifers, get your Atheistic aesthetics going strong meticulous diatribe deloyment of vessla,Man against man meandering colorized the divorced wedding and the alien bride. Fortune and reinforcements shuddered the battering ram,,deiciding which reinforcements tape to strip ketamine brings the epheamereal spirit evinced.

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