Tuesday, March 29, 2011

text || Edward Nichols

The Stem

sion compromises the complicity of computerized connections consisting of controlled cybernetics at the crux of coordinated contexts.
Denial of the spirit,its life, it's the fear in it.The madhatter speaks in codes ,down in alices hole denialof life, its the fearin it.Confusions contusions-I;ve reached aconcusin, a solution.

In the garden,it was like taking a grenade and pulling the pin'when from the apple we pulled the stem.

Iron clover artificiates the concrete work{{{{23{{{23{{{23{{{
instant gratification,mith the pearly object the orifice

Muse-You play teh suite oratoria's a cadaverous return

Muse -Perforated deity gas on the line fire up the hole

Muse-Eejected ,corrected, atlightning speed.

Bilocular, bi-ma(Manonuee bi-sexual1236236236 Painted version of Jackson Pollock dali's melting clocks. Angst driven purgatory defines the definition of sovereignty in a neo-nazi Mein Kampf.Singularity in polarity, positions itself candidly. A reinforsement fiaso domn plays time zones. Ran through hiatus and hijinks. God's Son took everything we had to give, avd, gave it to the toss____________________Nature Habitatscorce the guardian SiriusToassist them. Many accorians duplicate the power of magnets at tremendous speed. Folicles lease a stream of orgones.____________were the man upstairs cosmic gag-reel.

Open cadavers rosning up there bows to play amacabre piece.

Everybody says their A-B-C's backwards. A comeuppence formulates alow blow on an othermiase civilizes system jaded exasperation, heavy gonads prove to be upromantic jesus turned some blood intowine and we all got drunk. Us along on a Sea Synchronicity-Carl Jung druids were driven out by the Christians they stole our beliefs and our way of life.

Autraphausante withheld certain liberating frequencies. Tell-Tale will helm the New World Order.

Pointificating roaring Ethymologies translated by deimoniec deities of an Extremely high-ranking order.

Persecution shall end by Crowlean platitudes reiterating Masonic, and alum-eye-naughty pleasures or delicious, delectable treats.


Genie-(out of bottle, for us,),...Us;(deep) Pools(of pleasure.).

Domn in Alices Hole

Follow her downeth. Thateths is whereth Thine Eyes Shall Perceive the gold,......and gold dust mesmarizes our eyes, enrapturing us delectably us delectably with the most lasciviously, exotic pleasures.

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