Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3 poems || John M. Bennett


time to wallow time
to gristle in the shower
time to blister time
to funnel all the shirtsleeves
time to gargle time
to listen to your dreamed farting
time to waddle time
to cough your tuna up
time to glisten time
to water in the sandwich
time to combing time
to count the single bunny
time to smoulder time
to fold a radish in your wallet
time to crystallize time
to fasten shoelace to your forehead
time to swallow time
to grunting time to creep
time to eye time
to stuff your nostril with the
time to cough it up time

Wetter Yet

surely shirtly you were
surely napping you were
surely surely gated like
the lumber mouth you
grew so surely gated
forked and surely do
omed like catturds in a
glass of milk yes surely
you were surly surely
concatinated like a hand
in gravel surely napping
in your lunging suit of
sliced baloney nodding in
the gleaming grease so
surely you were trying
your finger in the fan
and surely loaded with
your backseat full of
laundry surely you were
seeking something boiling
surely in the toilet or a lake


change the corner change
the shapeless tlatoani
change the throat change
the book turnip lesions
change the tonal change
the lapping of your pocket flaps
change the flood change
the necoc yaotl in my mirror
change the wallet change
the shadow grips the stone
change the skin change
the xoloitzcuintli humping your leg
change the throat change
the xip faucet growing in my hat
change the shot change
the swallowed throat you wore
change the tuna change
the foggy ixtetl in your hand
change the huehuetlatolli change
the forking window where you
shovel change your olin change
your slowing like a rabbit in a plastic box

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