Saturday, March 12, 2011

4 texts || John M. Bennett


dust and shell ,splashed ,my “face” goo
spotted with chalchihuitl ,ojos de agua
,snoring ,a cave and voice ,butter brimming
at the lip sn out cream ,doo r ear my
crust spin ache an thundered loot hum
ping under my foot your claw I s
aw ,rising de tu lengua bífida a corn
dog bright with mustard the
well stashed with corpses the stool’s s
not release I guttered down that
place ,drifting con las hojas escritas
tlahtollin ,mis uñas las unas y o
tras clarísimas sólo al revés


lot doggèd gland number doted plain
a ridge a pit of bones and socks a
meaty flag .“never” swallowed with the
soap a ponding mirrors the parking
yes ,that an asphalt yawn a
gusty wind flopping in your sleeve
gazed across the dust grained fields
the slivered sun behind those blackened
trees // knives and gas // bodies
blazing in a hole

Mots et Feuilles

the neck bubble or my ,listed lake
flotsam ,doubling in the loot leaking
from my ear oh my sticky shirt
!starry suit blooming from my hat I
slept my face in shoes in gravel in
.the flashlight dims my rowboat’s hollow
clunk my dribbling window wobbles in
the back of my eye creeping toward your
blouse I rubbed the back of my ,see
ping in the leaves and leaving night

Exit or Entry

,the jumping throat curb ,sped aground
,fast slacker ,table dripping last night
,the stumps and forks ,coastal thrum
,dog speaker ,luster in fallen skin
,like rained-on gravel ,knobby back
,thrust book ,facial air the sand
,my tongue breeding nose ,drain wallet
,the pee dropped gate ,mile sore
,lotta necks ,plunged into the door

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