Saturday, December 31, 2011

poem || John M. Bennett


enter the listing shadow the
crawling spoon the stunned
locker vomiting sugar enter
the steps clattering into the
mildew where a lampshade
growls in the dust enter the
luggage where a book smolders
and shoulders into the underwear
enter the crawling ladder enter
the skull indentions where your
thumb has lost its eyes enter
the comb falling from your
glasses enter the swallowed
air enter the towel you wipe
your ass with enter the
cumbre de los pedos enter
the system throated and
scummy with detergent enter
the scowling sock drawer where
your urn awaits enter the
lather enter the vienna
sausage enter the window
into the whistling deep in your
sailing ear the hissing where the
horizon sinks scrawling into the lake

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