Saturday, December 3, 2011

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POME hecau][snat


call fro(\m

.,;;[]me]n O]urn

‘][[/. shen

dop|p /’]=-=ert

lyl||ow go’.[][0[lome

1. magnutic collets apartmantis
2. 2. hollow sobell secret fome
3. Admeta morph diction troll
4. hive artbelieve foamer food

‘][[/. Shenpoil dome clea pee

/’]min homer][];’’

For sak e fool got[]d]\[;’.go

Ryrur b’][[rirorn chase can;[][][not

Siclkes[p][ic klegra/s|sdonk\ey wh[]’;omp

5. cra;’wling pud dle o;’fte packerd][it
6. shil;[]t of barking marmaladesnitsop
7. 7hebron mudre foor kodf’ho quest


8. hecau][snat

call for hecau] hecau][snat

.,;;[]me]n O]urn

Call f (u\m


; [] me] n



POMEhora dio smrta

leaning ills anymire a

perfect graver pillsillsa

name ama toaddope re

cipe living init digging thr

ough thebodyclan head ed

sometame daynightRepo

lacing huntedfound Thud

ingcircuits din goshfog stun

ningcon clusions giveinto sing

ingforceps precessdole jimmie

for knowingfooltime blues reds

banish the street to mi memoir

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