Sunday, December 18, 2011

4 poems || Vernon Frazer

The Fail of Babylon

topical pocket launch
pads the northern embryo scar

a ladle against perfume
so far removed from trance

invective portfolio, nuance protective

stratagem hoes implode
blue creations deferred to rent
preferred colors

semblables in heat, a transverse colon

gored to the latent matrix
no prune socket to portfolio
management icons torn

and turned sidewalk effigies
as the walls tumble to the subject

trinkets too bored to repeat the solo elision

Dry Landing

Arial distention batters
longboats clipping to shore

A futile crescent
tongs the maternal way
to passage

Desert rites, cheroot intentions
batter the handling crowbar mantras

coiled in flat pursuit

Placid delectables
vertebrate in their longing
cast vestibules

of clear light on magic
gleaned from unseemly markers
or bet shark tangents

on apple filigree
served to better purpose

clinging loose teeth to sandals

Your Guest is as Good as Mine

The coral conjecture
unending as the toe flies,
an ironic rest

turns anecdotal
at a harbor misting the barrier
whose yearning hysteria

turns callous off-spray wither
to churned conjunctions, from anchor
to gridlock wedding.

No smooth removal
arches its worn support
across the bridled

waves for those
whose glad-handing sends
their vacant goodbyes.

Keeping a Premise

Igloo transcendence molecules
the transient forethought. Gone bad
as lavender crescents, the shading

tamps the dampening thrust
against oral conundrum. Words fashion
continence, defer readings to bad

as vice, or in habit. When under
the weather recedes its due, proclaim
hammered sustenance parsing

its anvil glamour. The vigilant wash
works the gladiator’s vengeful hammer
varnished with a cursory sledge.

The legend of lost crimes left in perusal
cost happiness its last penumbra
before nominal snows bled noumenal

afterthoughts. Blanket vagaries ought
not begrudge the dotted lineage
bought forth upon this station

liberated in pursuit of having less.

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