Saturday, December 17, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

How many pronouns does it take to exculpate a noun? Remind the judge you have
no surrogate, no sleeves. "Until then," is the cliff above these otherwise
warm decibels now lowered to the level Mrs. C can "take" up on the mountain
where her hubby left her. Every gig-man knows to mute brass bell-age, prior to
the time time to celebrate at higher elevations, Upon trump cards and their built-in
trumpets. Strum tones of the banjo mark a place to cure the curve. A simple plan
replaces easy logic, and the flow gives tenderness a little shove. How long has
your project maintained shovel-readiness? Now decide upon a distribution method
no one's likely to accept. And well beyond the code of ethics equal to what one can
get away with.

Non-sequiturs that invoke this darting eyesight working the room overtime

Sheila E. Murphy

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