Friday, December 30, 2011

3 poems || John Pursch

Fleener Bleath

Whorkish tranie bonsic elterman’s chout definal grieg;
pren demeinor ambulintal croopa pleen jaried;
emptired ans quen oudelentia, plonila oon tawhee.

Dast gript enfiner outermanten plonch bezein tourien.
Emenir oosh tarainian menter belth,
zent occal ej skentil er frenem caranimace
welther laun spoojie rawn, kemile dor fleener bleath.

A Slather of Belief

The gentry, in their crockery platoons, affix dermal fraternity to peerless, queasy mobility, backing relief tokens of dire, infused cahoots. Medallions of steel and cork, flicked across standing flavors, gently pry the ribbon cannery from perched, impending anthologies, irrigating the landless crescent with soothing grape pestles. Hovering in cylinders of merged, official feet, a sluice gate snips garden rovers for half a can of swollen matrons, embracing stock parturition and smartly quaffed compendia. Sailors lean, stacked to the spackled gills, bottled with sleep, lighting a coroner's dustbin. Statues smile and roll their dipoles, eyeing curious house pets and childhood banners. Infinity interferes with selfish separation of clear plastic entrails, timing the fruition of dolls and craven mischief. Stone platters indemnify the mean, dowsing for bandwidth sufferers, ringing the crude, curvaceous cataclysm's genial line. Buried in eons of raw anions, factoids peer through bland, christened dainties, cycling period flues and tethered charge, stippled in wood. Chances grease timid, probing jesters with lakes of buttered yams, craning our necks for transparent need. Memory traps gleeful ejecta, spitting honed celluloid, grinning at turf wars and geriatric mutations. Servile intonations erupt over captain's chairs, shear the wheeled motet, and bark a dozen malaprops at fierce, injected skies. Checking the granular wind chute, we bind incipient sneezes to cooling tart locales, etching moored platters with strutting grain lectures. Better than blotted cheesecloth, a burlap rotogravure spells a boffin for the beeline, intimating a slather of frail belief.

Spepenstea Mon

Herm lawly ras empufick's paruzian elgh,
orimen eer stentim deis oophen's werald impreat.
Adger, weit menkam flaxon otem,
orping lall darumence and dostils of gleath.

Ummint rown zein brimp, clastint spemt
dorn floogal, emtine spooph,
he zimbals eim canred uridon, quebbling beinf,
urgine elfils toum amtie umptilion erks.

Pourders emfly ilph hentin quebbs,
fribulot orgers bie mald puer.
Ob hemilical nenterine carn
spens etchiles of vure,
squential en ots marn.

Flixid mencers enjire
the orthom noom's prant espozian,
uritine om sher perimozen gence.

Newing innels fenk het cantorimbal odgcarts,
hortibon loumers phot en deinst quilime bleaming,
architom hennel plen tarbint spom.

Ai, yeth soreng beems rong ontims,
espeerin collumia thill spepenstea mon.

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