Wednesday, December 21, 2011

3 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POME fragm
epres si a rt
tau dp4
for matt margo

oit oy
sof ban
mid aejo
ne ean tis
tact ysef
bhe efet
oa fe sug
etin wret

1Diminish[d] there ,fields
over he[a]rds ,with pitch.

Bflat. black waters. Arti choke

[shoulder. wall. take[e]t]all

vale. rod. bypass slowscale

,shadow. [ breathintone

[plumbing procedures.] grain

asparagus sea [sharpner

drum in A

policy . hard wind tongue

barogue. Kiln. Raptured beeswax

oil. petro jelly. Silverb rass upended

[shake , dimlydrain spitkey shot. Floored

broccoli. snout. Overcome with flat\ter

feared. “E a sharp always keep a-b mind

2thenwind scums pole

shed dancer shrieks

novice clutchout rainbow

opera. nestweek


POMEc a t

“She purrs the moment;

Allows elision to next…

Shoe box pillow limb…”

B beamer, from Cat, 1968

Harstrung for parsnil nip
Sauce swerve-uing wavering
Limb causit-acon hernod von
Lasting jakshod iau whau gami
Sap ilt anymotly ‘imes along peri

nod durting her this point in han

ded in all ex]cept that sha’curls still

pur ring p[arts] sassafras boots ballou

‘alanced on dismissed/ centers s’mirth

to know it/ shi’don t feel inva laib de

even reol er her doting crustal skills o

Maybe light be sure/ hidden belind o

The real dindandr /kid seven inch tooth

mong jaguars purr still s’bitteen perisoo

odd ly in dream //mahhber streep toledo and

lankpntr slinging along cavernwalls meeeoo oo

an‘aintr Harstrung for parsnil nip //dont spealk mil k

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