Wednesday, December 28, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy


Silver of the children cautions candlelight. It is exceptional to wing where slivers chime.
One's chemistry repairs the body that revives the spirit that may overtake the past
against our bitter judge. The word entonces lightens each responsibility. One chastens cleats,
then trods. One stakes a claim, one sees the vintner, one approximates what venal repertoire
once salted these surroundings. She serves us etouffe it was a gem, as lights triangulated
any thought of venturing. Now harmony eclipses volleying, and safety turns to afterthought.
As a rule, I compensate for exasperation. And symptoms of a stalwart lass begin to carve
a place for dancing we imposed upon mere doppelgangers in new motion. Various
contingencies went blank. We nerved the numb feat of the wheel aglimmer. And short-changed
obvious contralto venom where it was. When I hear singing I hear temperance. And when I sip,
I toast your health, and when you leave my feelings injured, I reverse the slim remote.

Constancy of purpose, wingspan, miles walked amid pale light to think by

Sheila E. Murphy

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