Wednesday, December 14, 2011

excerpt from an older text || Jim Leftwich

from DOUBT (1996-1997)

To speak the language of the water, her profound eponym, the lost word, that which comports and restores the silent faculties, ripples through the operatic gorges, an alchemical bacteria often groped and thrown in as secrecy, this mystery of ludic and glutinous matter, shapeless when alone, a part of or apart from God, mysterious stone of which the philosophers speak. Every man has it in the moist space of the secret mercury, could not but have had the idea as it exists , onyx as a rhizome, passage of ruins through runes, exits from the sea to these, youth ourselves whoever shall fever the city from this wood. Could have brought in and would have, lilies of the air literal in the growth of our literature, a little english on the poem which is beyond our suppression, also a doubt, to have been here within the oddity. Fission is also a doubt, as the enormous forum of order maintains its alchemical excess, granted that it should, therefore to speak the secrecies of nature. To find again that antique which surmounts the divinatory alchemy is success in gregorian motif of doubt, the prima materia which has been dropped into the veiled mystery of nature, absolutely clean as lead, wood pulp hypnotic in this hallucinogenic mystery, passage from ruins to lapis, in time the porous facts abut the mists, no more evidence for the riddles than the birds and fish, all of which can be found in the preface to the hunt. Raw then to the use of air all beasts of the heavens fish the airy sepulcher, to know the faithless youths and their titheless testaments, the work from the pages of the work, gnomon which speaks in the alchemical dream of the birds, passionate convulsions of the nouns, discussions of the humble dangers attributed to the birds. Wore both as thin remissions, resuscitated by encoded dreams, coronary dome implicit in this fatal accident, denied access to the marvelous experience of harsh knowledge, to come to terms with the documented secrets, other established as a quantity of understanding. The fictive part of the votive. Seekers must be written in their evidence. Proof is either an opinion or a thought which fits. Doubt indeed while death resides without the science of silence. Hypothetical abodes. Aggression, the gross scorn which remits its authors, the ease with which that common nerve is hemmed to the well, the key to the darkness files the letters, cast of heroes, instead of using the poem to read by, that they will by fiat distilled in canoptic knots silver only a few and at a glance, even less who cause its fullness to be learned. To unravel this may sound as a song among nights, no surprise in that ingredient. Claws of this undead in my umbilical umber, umbral music, components of that expulsion, materials hectic in sensual necessity, means ill sides of birth some morass patented myself included, autochthonous beauty of the connectives, corrective and constructive. Brooks talons this language of the birds, talents of the hierophanic wills I orbit, abode of the bodies, the old alcove of the birds, where query could hide from theorem, a kabbalistic known. But what authorial nook there outcry of hemialgia, doubt noticed is due, glued from the Greek to language. Discovered coverage of the night, dysfunctional darkness, to speak instead of count, based on the grammatical beyond and the rage of its spirits, resolutely not distended with its visionary tonality, to have spoken in the adamic demeanors of grace, how then are the works intended to define the names. Hopefully that encompasses the spatial grace of this wall. Semiotics written in senseless fright. His nature to do who does not know. Since this mess beads without the drip. Stippled over the calm of the apples. Fallow the fate as it led elusively to thinking. On the verge of incapable reprimand. Gave themselves higher things, beings. Also in the entrails of that. Before the cosmos hardly a magician. Arched edge of the secrets. He is quoted from the mystery. As if we were only concerned with language. The cosmic would lead to continuance. Magic is the thing which is said through things. He has only one inexpressible trinity, but allows them all. The mall. Not right as he knows for what he is doing, endowed with destiny, to think. Thinking overthrows fate. At the same time, magic. Lens cradle. Altered deeds. Is known as the three dimensional death. Verse everts. Writing averse to weakness. As in the eyes averted by refinement. Finished at times. A period of hortatory silence. Art at the interface of artifice and fact. Reeks of foam. Adjurations of the paragram. The beats are adjusted to present an elaborate fiction. Strips that are slipped into the ladder. The trial called for ritual ebony, wrought constitutions, imperial institution of the stage. Directly related to recitation. Highlights of verse later exhumed as instructions. Puns sing. Aggravations of the name. Those of us who new. If as did. Procedure by suture through rule of suction. An ad for the trinity. Try us is not a gain. Whether we govern the trinity or yearn to know. Could possibly be no other. So the demonic variable is tangible. Could learn to be finagled by the hegemonic. Decreed in the rose slapstick to avert itself. His existence understanding the test. Notwithstanding the order of the suns. Free from the heimarmene. Us become all penetrates all who are walled up in the will to follow him. Energy when analogy is doubtful, but trinity is the scheme of the soul, the dream of the gods of the creatures, subjective and subject, too. Formulates the cosmos. God is closely acrostic to the idea. Up in an earlier. Ask the spirit of the alchemist. Light which corresponds to songs, organs skipping the berm, that thousands have been astonished to witness signs which may not have described anything to me. Butter, then battles, then worrying the hazel with a lozenge. Retort of the sponge, so immersed. To have an aphelion, anecdotal anachronism, appurtenance of the cold, absolutely the atrophied credence pylon in such texts. You think the sentence inherits its ingredients. Most of the time you ascribe an historical importance to the senses of the cosmos, fed perhaps by intolerant aphorism, intolerable marinade, sarcastic epidemic. Discus kneeling at romantic doors, not to nestle the evaluated winds ambrosial in thrall, but to whimper the lettuce bedridden, nameless interim of orchid lovers, the miracle of smut enough of language. Grave of the eye, hysterical in battered bifurcations, sonorous translation of fiscal alkaloids, linguistic artifice utilized in abortifacient sorties of glossolalia. Language of the aphids, the mannerist themes evolving very well, on which the doomed apathias, an intervention of pluralities, seeds nothing and is directly fenestrated. In our graphic lampoons dysraphic phosphenes engage gathered in order to disembark. Rue the grimace of origins. Phonetic language taken into account. The curious spew of a realized beyond. Sooth as absolutes, now how to fit it snugly into custom. A rare authenticity in the first place. Aces remount to appropriation. Through his wrongs to show us his words. Vast amount of dormers membranous then members clearly, that the one possibility of tissue to the operatic coif of secrets, or if we remedy, all sincere in cinder of adepts, since extremely open environs, gastric alkahest, its leading, which in lieu of a teacher, or so the song goes, sorry to animal the ancient Greek, but hotter must be fluid, knowledge of this a mold to be treated, scoria, fumarole, philosophical kabbalah of expression, the cause of the censorships and of the meropia, substrates of the sentences are resistant to comprehension. Chromosome is pelvic, refining crystal facets of the science, insertion of the thunder into the middle of a word, the silence of epenthesis, search to operate the wyrd, I beg of those embryonic once again to chancel the thermodynamics of the book, what is left unsaid is less than incalescent, artifact of disaster, as architrave of the tremor, given this gradual grave to gravel, precisely because the seeker must be less than the wisdom sought. I know I have spent the least part of becoming as no surprise to the necessary, insurgent with faith until honorific, bathe us with hiatus caress, what I meant was to give you an abeyance, harm grief wrath anger shame toil to be weary, what heimarmene might mean aside from universal fate, cupola of cosm, census or ratio of this kind, without acosmic consciousness people were led up the lattice of human consciousness, as even then an ore or ode to be delivered relived enlivened leavened, forays into the fat these people could only burn to understand, as if ease they ace coiled order cold of them, happiness of magic and allotropic trace of corporeal balance belied in bad alignments of the face, in debt doubt detour inured I lived, centuries behind within, and was already evidence referents events as a sort of ambit with gnarled knowledge knolls gnosis growing nasal knowing, those days and nodding was turned away around against a way around if not against, again was turned, as it were, from which heimarmene this corporeal language was evolved. Begins by condemning the haloes not attainable through necessity. Almond aureole mandorla, saint of the ascension, the vesica piscis emanates from the transfiguration of divinity, extended to the Virgin in her assumption, in other contexts borne to heaven, necessity is the authority and reprimand of fate, could not rule without the irrelevance of its magic, as he who kneads himself is leavened, left fully being able, leaves risen in the kindle, does not think the ease of magic to overcome this death. Mesic rejects this pool, rather the words would melic by narration doubt natural though losing one’s reason measured by inexpressible triage fix of god work of the church to triumph a magus hagiography anus leaves it uncertain if the cupellation of the spiritual man epizoic the thickness of a nipple growing on the church governs the holy rituals man must learn mist woman dubious trial cannot produce a triad alchemical encephalic also phallic incense to govern the torso response to govern the pebble more probable morose problematic if the spiritual manner is succedanea for omphalos shulamith she is born and entangled in the magnet margaret of the spiritual man. Ashen hair of the gold, solve and coagula, attests to the fulfillment of itself, in whatever fate has corrupted the body to its purposes, no magenta purples the distance between his onus and the discovered, whatever violence has discovered him during the way, if you wilt before the devout solvents, thou wilt coagulate as soul, soluble in solitude, in treason ruled by the beholding, how he has opened to the weather of suffering in that heretical sun, soared as a vulture of felt flesh, animate virtue, adept animal renown analogous to known, in risk yclept as the redeemed, for the benefits of the passages are the circles of every kind, in that led to bed by cosmic bells, sophia stretched smoothly through the lemniscate hat of the fool, each stance a gnomic gnosis gnomon, shadow of that sense, this idea came from the matter in which it was written. Limiting a spirituality undermining them. Exactly this. This certainty penetrates all thinking which is bound by thought itself. The apparatus evaporates. I believe what I have seen, and I have seen the apparatus. I was astonished that it did not burn me, astonished enough to doubt the thing itself. As the philosopher who said: I am the metaphor for that which contains itself fully. Near them or from them, worthy of credence. To surpass them. A retort which corresponds to the size of the vessel, vessel which describes the width of the retort. The neck of the retort, its atoms cooling appropriately, as if with the same virus from which the apparatus is reborn. The sulphur, then the transformations, then the instructions. Instructions either abstracted or absorbed. The money is not the word, though it is not incommunicable, you read these texts again, read these texts again, returning to the next sentence. You read these texts again. Nothing demonstrable to say about them. They have done justice. They have a history. They are not chemical treatises. The religious world thereby endowed with the mysterious equivalent of utility would redeem the immanence of the divine as the language of the birds, not as a reference to thinking but as speaking about areolation which lingers as meat and martyrdom connected with man’s unreasonable usury. So that he is unable to picture herself should the saying ripple through fishes. The sound of the fishes brings an eternal burning to the meat. Crucial as a currency, the logion of now as risked, there sought by this thought, fallen by grief and dead within the hunt. Those that deluge the fowls of the earth, that the kingdom of herbs therefore arise prescriptive before the orisons of an ancient god, in the new terror missing risks where rites of papyrus integration initiate a duplex exception, it is curious that no one has written this since I have read it, the secrecy of the paper in the colloquy of the languages, benisons to which I bestow at least this much rapport, as I have said before in the song of that adamant effort, the enemy is a mould of virtual liberation, not to have had as such to enrich our studies of the original fountain, not in a critical hierarchy. Should be handled grown a little in argument, have the truly adapted dust, confess of banter, art, but the emissary to view a standard fact arbitrates perfunctory grace, so adamant opens to all orifice, hung in order to stare the species. But words contention death, isolation that I have sullied repeatedly, what he defers and poorly dormant the phylactery depletes, the lineage of their treatise named language knowledge, in the questionable scoff their science elicits a kabbalistic language from other intuitive languages, language of processed vocables chosen for their orthographic endowments, how well these abolished the order of language or of them as a pluralistic orthography acts as a brake to the speculations of the birds, of the sacral braille indispensible to knots, interpretation always an alchemical work, since words attribute their antiquity to the order of God’s wood, urges and things created replete with examples of these words tend to violate the sayings of the enemy, perhaps an inoperable option, it is guaranteed as excess when it comes to the full orchestration of alchemy, soundings of what, processes and procedures of the poem or of its understanding, the assistance begins with the ‘a’, preferably ascribed from the other silence. Will must learn a prayer of derision, word as true to knowledge of the word, as such should withstand the spagyric, trammelled by the referent and general warnings announcing them according to the knowledge usable in their orders, must be the work upside down or an esoteric scientism, if at the beginning learning means in the first place by which I tell the excess of the silence, therefore words through the diction which is to say the sound fathom as faithful mastery as God has garnered, the easiest path to travel that of the series, the temple of wisdom or the rose, those of us that will our science as it is acquired in the laboratory. In order to persist we perceive him to be enough to expose the cosmos, are forced to oil the furnitures called penury of the flowers, without numen burns idiom unconscious in the hermetic follicles of the calx, has signified himself as unreasonable, when apple and therefore errors, as the material things of the cosmos say, eros in the position of fear, indirectly doing because in front of and arching corrective doubts, their own haphazard language the poem in the language of the heimarmene, born as ritual ghost incarnate, uncertainties sown in the ancient glass, was credited with a palpable violence, panoply extant in the tide’s ordeal, that he laments the order of harm as wholly bathed, such a symbol could thin the external windows of the self, delight descends defenestrated by the maleficent and manacled force of nature, led by elf or any god, renounces magic as spiritual marriage marred in a conscious circle cursed with the only sounds beyond himself, refuses to utter the act aurally attempted. Destiny but heresy viewed to happen as feverish once without elan must rule the contusion to corroborate the illusion, an allusion to the orthodox speech of the triad, thunder as the task of the essay, that he must recess the salvation of the spiritual triumph, so that something else already world could make the sequential hecatomb of the triumphal series, healed sound sequestered at the means, the speaking into of which man is the excess in that he leaves the immanence of the body, allows this water in that he waits as given for his personal destiny, as he puts the ore through dilations and distillations, in that he has reason if the following is as suitable as the benefit of its direction, corporeal region subsumed with the supernal regions, behind the subject is the belief which he obeys, his phantom spirit before he became the referent of each Other, refined to discovered connections which he thinks, as if thinking were the fix and the fit, the concept of wood then become the All contained within the elements of becoming, the whole cosmos an organic writing composed of alchemical quotations, knowledge then the sound of the codex which permeates the substrates of alchemical waters, where cosmos is bound by vulgarity and spirit. As quoted from Heimarmene in the repose of redemptive response, that which is said to the spirit is that which concerns the apple, protest to me a condition of extortion and contortion, information contained in the philosophical forms of these things, finally the wood however held as will more woman than its vow, that I cannot expose what I will except as essay of hell and longing, which should concern the restricted terrors, moistened in the method of cooling, light settles at the bottom of the bottle as the sound of mercury entwined in the apparel of a snake, maintained as rain to slough the chemical teeth, that heresy the terror of these pages, this next ineffectual youth a transformation, then the rust of the alchemical poem released to the seams of doubt, any hope I have interred in its arrest, the lantern of its latent alchemy. Antithetical as realigned ambivalent to knead the isthmus thirst of the abyss, its fluent antiquity devolved to a hint of rectilinear mica in the language, a kind of revelation embittered above the gregarious summits of its cognition, somehow it appears within the nautilus of the mystery, therefore it is also essential to the anger of the birds, the anger in its place, in you in youth, in the song of other’s sounds, to be found in the light at least insofar as the kinetic yeast of heaven brings beings recovered through the buttressed beacons of the church, by grief befell and felt elastic who are the warnings of heavenly mirth, upon the enigmas of you the kinships of grief as you shall find it, that you are the dust in the silence of the treason, reason as has been included in the onus of the animals, passage through the oxymoron the rehabilitation of the idea, as if the river feeds the fish, in the gorge ripples whitened angst I have as the academy comprises, described as the salient prosthetics of consciousness, considerations of this salience a privation of emanations, time as the consumption of existence, alchemical health the lot of us, world we have come to enrich, our access to the supernal oven, light the feeling of this night.

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