Wednesday, December 28, 2011

from 'the daylight sections' || Sheila E. Murphy

pond wine comes to brittle birch
this once the leafage
slows a season and predicted
snow encases even earlier than
said this forest and this

traced blue across the instant
reach of long line copious
endearments make a home
and you can listen in
to tuba practice for example
dark brass on the rampage
through the bass clef

little pinpricks of incessant silver
monitor their place in context
of a spree of composition
nobody relaxes like the arm
long past conducting and
the listener at rest
expecting expectation

where surprise surfaced
as pleasure maybe this
resembles the nobility
ensconced in definition
of a violet between half
tones being sung
in plain duet motif

rain is only rain again (learned moment
not gray Midwestern no-hope-left (momentum
that left me shadowed (showing
just this sure light once (how it is
removed from full strength (tall and lean
rinse of warm sage (changed
sheets of gathered shining (and changing

fragrance comes with the idea
of these scattered blooms
moreover the indelible retreat
into a wavelength portrays
kismet to the power
but look to frittering
for play

mid-field the dowry passes
to the next luck
thus a singular
reversion inward
strikes a mode
a chord a recency to depths
unmarked because because because

weeds with light
turn still

sunshine rich sunshine
pours on

lumens in sentences
wind around

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