Sunday, December 11, 2011

3 texts || John Pursch

Hint Logic Soup

Hotly contested laminar floes of stupefied, gelatinous cheerleaders, emblematic of repetition and first-world root systems, please the tightly wound mass media mogul surfers; paparazzi interred between their clean, voluptuous breasts. Oh, the headlong futility of it all, the worn, numinous flux of abutments, the bulkhead clamor for ventral dalliance, the omnipresent abscess of all the floral fawning, the semblance of totally nude wax dummies spinning life stories at ten times the legal limit, arching over the smoldering skyline, hind legs cartwheeling into starry fumes of industrial slag, ozone, and burning tires... Atop the local time machine, slotted and clogged, a gum-chewing siren wails patiently, hoping for canned intransigence and a sniffle of hint logic soup.

Gang Planets

Ingots of blue, imperiled bellies, swimming for a place above the ramparts, scrape the brazen countertop with every undulation, piling wharves and cheap sandbars beneath smokestacks and crowded sea-going monomaniacs, pleasing the partially clad iron workers. Bibs fly off, handles smoke a ton of copper pelts, nibbling lazily at the brute, bituminous bilge of an island's lonely factories, taken for granted by the chosen sewage sentinels. Past verbiage, known for its endemic retreat and spa-based menu, torments a calico salesgirl and flings her life savings at a brick wall, opting for consonants made of cheese. Space contorts, gravity blends with a shoebox, lanterns piece together the unfurled photogenic grist, and penthouse crackers speed backward into rail kit masterminds, plunging economic potholes through providential gang planets.

Lunchbox Hypnosis

Drying footfalls canter to the beat of a sweltering camping buffoon, who knows nothing of the tender, meager play of children's rhymes and bedtime sores going gangrenous in the moonlight of an autumn free-for-all. Miniature egos, rolled up into countless hidden dementias, ply the forested flatlands of our misguided centuries for plywood teething rings, ranging from sea to shinnying spittoon, manifestly ignorant of their lack of existence. A neat trick, regarded as spooky by the unwashed masses till tethered beetles beat the idea into oil drums, earrings, exploding geese, tourniquets, hair grease, wontons, dim sum, oxymoronic content, slipshod deodorant meal, flexible pylons, Teflon underwear, simian greatcoats, dermal contusions, occipital anchormen, toy iotas, sampler submarines, overeager ghouls, poultry planters, crooked amphitheater owners, crucifix cases, oblong winter clothes, snow calendars, spackle addicts, glue gun markup freaks, price pushers, management adherents, ownership dweebs, fulminating breaststroke devotees, mistresses of the elite garbage collection ritual class, phonemes that always mean no, simplified pleasure craft, wholesome interior posturing, dialectical locomotion, mothballed cuttlefish, swarming crustaceans, black lagoon crabs, rebellious bark syndrome, holistic nerve pints, smidgens of tundra nieces, jurisprudence on patrol for undertakers in wooden shorts, harbingers of deleterious dominoes, flecks of fuliginous film canisters, platoon warts, carbuncle kings, cacophonous caverns of cryogenic candy stripers, flimsy laughter shuckers, preening gypsy nomads, tenterhooks lugging landed gantry fish, grazing pheasant juice, squeezing ziti mobiles, patriotic plutocrats, duped diurnal types, workaholic stepping stones, collared nudie chasers, drunken sots, laundered menthol bags, whiskered snowbird chicks, tippling authorities, tampering safety wenches, officious disgust machinery, teatime posture police, lurid bayonet buyers, pillaging gong munchers, holographic tetanus monkeys, hampered button pumpers, thread extenders, bivalve release mechanics, box top ration meters, freeway symbol retractors, interstitial orgone discs, human grunt simulators, felonious score sheet pedants, implosion capsules, trance copiers, penultimate blank feeders, spoon-fed corn catchers, anteaters gone wacky for blueberry visas, tropical pistachio pumps, malingering cotton detectors, arrayed sensitives, extra-large media bohunks, hyphenated hieroglyphics, listing shuttlecocks, lightning tunnels, incipient foxtrot benders, bleeding whisk Tartars, tangled obscurity, wooden budget cores, yarn motels, waxing clock motifs, unguent for anaerobic delvers, doomed periwinkle portents, quaint aliquots, piles of dead laundry, spore ingredients, hopping regimental gourds, persimmon lantern trees, candelabra feet, gestures of a flickering lion, cricket scores in salient flavors, clueless hoodlums, massive overruns, wastage beyond a bison's beleaguered breath, superluminal launch criteria, lunchbox hypnosis...

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