Sunday, December 18, 2011

from an older text || Jim Leftwich

from DOUBT (1996-1997)


Climactic expectations quality hilt apex of the stasis. In only so trying to awe him out so diffused the ache of print. Literal kiosk language. The figure of the miracle prolapsed rhetorically. Melting pot ephod koan. In the end finally, seemingly in the labyrinth. Aster whorls the zenith, shanty occurs in harm. For a wound not formed in local finality, minimal evidence of the wish, as if the cold began in a dust of spite hours before the ascent of his poetical explicability. To write a personal bleakness in the miraculous forum of the hive. A thoroughly psychological need eventually critiques the songs. Wishbone crib. Noise coven. The fingers admit the toys. Deaccessioned gasp of bone. Knot of butterfly fathers. The light of the landscape prefigures the fall. Grease mantra. Generative duration. Anther cess. Gravity eats the visage manna. Perhaps an introduction to the decade is doubled in nervous winter. I crass his fist, coupled intentionalities of the drifted hidden, companions of ghost mentation written in shadow crave, evil aster down, the window flies forth unconcerned. Wine spirit froth, eye of the vulture, overcome by an earnest treaty of spiritual frenzy. What about the relaxed heresy of the boiled fatalities? Spasms of convened unity ruin the course. If this was compulsion, then spirit was heredity, that the realization of sight ought to change the cosmos is expected, thus will is not adverse to the array, the telekinetic solitude of the injunction, where the magician inheres in the existence of becoming, and this maneuver of a particular cosmology presages the gift of a sacrificial chemistry, the anarchy of mist a ritual correctly inhibited by an essential continuance of the wound, perfected in alchemical hemlock seed, the soul ordained as a tone of transformation. One gnosis of filtered reference. Amen terror sleep sensors, beheaded baptisms, bells mixed with token crime. The judicial largesse of transformation. Seldom yodel for logos questioning the nostalgia of the anguish, risen bedraggled as elf manure, practical math of undue violence, follow the ledge to the solvent of the absolute. Nominates the septuagint. Surd wends topple liturgical, gestural aphids crook, actuarial bicycle confided in the cynical enlightenment, beyond the privileged freedoms of the epidemic activities, selvedge along the viaducts of the epidermis, no evidence for the pointlessness of gestures. Unswervingly refined digraph the selling point of the act, diphthong fornication philosophy begets to forget, the boring purity of repetition as described. Miming the uncommon certainty of these ideas as jokes. Please moisten this seeing with a seasoning of disagreement. An inkling of words in the ink, comeuppance a pittance of poetry, one-upmanship as an divergence of freelance poetics, divagations down the runway, ergo the energy of the dance.

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