Tuesday, December 27, 2011

3 poems || William Keckler


1.) to satisfy her.

2.) The Stones are funny. More than they are pathetic. It is hard to be very rich and pathetic. It is hard to be very rich and funny. Timon is funny. Mental illness too in sleeping bags too is funny though too.

3.) Argy-bargy larks or flocks of scholars.

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5.) Google Buzz dear poetry, Are you to be impressed by astronomers now?

6.) The moon is so ghetto.

7.) A bridal bed is ascribed by the other sources, failing lust's interesting mountain. Cut his lovely hair. Not the fatal stones.

8.) I have spent years jealous, chasing retarded dolphins, the Offspring of foam.

9.) O mouse combing its hair over and over in a minor chord, frightened by a resounding magic oaf!


11.) Praise is plain speech. It is not lust, not even chipmunk.

12.) Cleverbot: Do you like Facebook? User: Please excuse me. My face is on fire.

13.) Cleverbot: Do you dunk your bread in it? Are you crawling again? Are you? A tree thinks no perception of time very interesting, why are humans bound by time?

14.) User: Family Guy I think. User: I'm not masturbating.


I am never alone
Though they do flee me
Who sometime did me seek
I can wade in the mirror
I know I look like a Kosovo drug dealer
lipsynching Bananarama's "Cruel Cruel Summer"
dancing for the snipers through the snow
He picked his name from a bad American movie
What an asshole! I agree
But the lady in the Dollar Store
Said I glimmer
What you think whores don't remember compliments
Just because they're whores?
Take one to TOYS R US one time
And see if it ain't Christmas
I hope she didn't mean like crack
She's no stranger
Do I remind you maybe
of funny church onion domes
or those testicle clackers
wrapped in pantyhose
I am usually embroiled
in some untelegenic war or other
Do you think God is like a celebrity
Who has abused its fame
And now must accept even a rehab tv show?
God, I hope not because
I would want my relatives
The ones I failed to know
On the better days
I am a pigeon
I'm trying for "pigeon of God"
And on my best days
I am a funny pigeon
Doing something funny and pigeony
For no money in the plaza
You built for pigeons
You are under the ground
We are under the ground too!
There are pigeons even
in the Underworld! Hurray!
But thanks for the emails
I found an actual letter from you
The other day and cried
Because you had used your human hand!
To speak! Who does that?!
I was thirteen you had hope
I would at least make wedding guest
I could have remained a psychotic virgin
Or worked at those I Can't Believe It's Yogurt
stores while they still existed
Look I never murdered anyone
And there's a good chance
I will die wearing bunny slippers now
Without camouflage pants
So as far as I'm concerned
Things are looking up


i will put something that matters
next to something which doesn't

and prove myself an artist

i will prove myself

a bad artist

to make a point

like a bad bridge

always makes a point

i have absolutely
zero problem doing this

notice the cool way
i pronounced zero

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