Tuesday, December 6, 2011

haiku || Jeff Harrison

Haiku II

more the merrier
legend of Sleepy Hollow
angry, I should think

chief of detectives
a compact with the Devil
it was his mistake

R. H. Raven Toes
was brought in for questioning
he's really A GIRL

a dancer, in fact
yes, I'll get even with you
rubbed me the wrong way

she emptied her breath
abjectly begging Wormswork -
wonder what she'd done

they're common as children
but what about Baudelaire?
guess he was young once

finest house in town
he's a master criminal
princes sleep peaceful

you said birds can't fly
& whales drive Cadillac cars -
oh, you were lying?

bricked up areas
dragged out more ammunition
non compos mentis

no doubt a few strays
were crisscrossed with pencil marks -
they look heartbroken

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