Monday, October 17, 2011

text | Edward Nichols

Extraterrestrial Laughter

the atthe(laughter)She'd passed her morals and settles her affectionsI think- or just an amusing story.
The thing you want and and how it was.Inward to the thing as if by now-by reflex.

Collective punishment-that where it stands now-you mean he weighed me against all the others.Thats where it stands now-y.Youmean he he weighed me against all the others.thats where I stands.Did something evil.WHEN IT TURNS TO HATE.(FROM THE CONTAINER

Never seen this done before.The thing you want is the ultimate relation- he turned inward to the thing. Confused by what
he felt- that was it. In that element,its root came with with it.I NEARLY DIED< MY< neckIn the air.

He discovered that he had cbeen cremayed.To complicated to be-the placente

Was running through you're veins.

Long quivering, he needed a lot of Gin......the chair watched him die.

Jaded apple forecast elimanated at the placente.Krsna fornicates and spread epifanies,lucky the penprick showed reminiencs.the prince of the Air ran a 200hour on his theater screen.Donkey jabberwakied in two dimensions,No dilemnas ,just astral anomilies, sordid massive mindrape the signals Brain waves.

The frozen caricuture melted into a fountain as 23 white doves flew through the atmosphere at the speed of light meeting Lady Space the directive.

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