Wednesday, October 19, 2011

poetry || Lars Palm


study refuge

that far island
is abstract

to see to play

this what
look at this


say everything smiling
social sails

science thickening

black cake
extra taste

my song shot the gap

gdansk maybe
about their political

& damn squeamish
they can't

numbers attached
to that

can compromised
ordinariness compromise
the idea staying
where you

if alone

cannibal willing to
make no other soldiers

transformation because he


street saving
her townspeople

too intricate they
know green spite
would do the sum

when discussing
improbable morning
upon its face

thanks for our
post-traumatic stress
a practical joker

responsible torture

you connect the whisper
by the bell
when the new wonders
sometimes having red-lined
shoes laid it out

already generations hope
the mark of passages

corruption remained a
forgotten disabled wave
like people society puzzles
in neutrality
all waiting arrivals

a world
a street

no necessities supported
foundation being ghostlike
time like difference abandons
one displaced architect
stealing nothing

genius museum swallowed
drawn paradise

flower eloquently soft
transparent limit dislodged
thus distance enquired
half-shut art
nobly new order remains chaos
ideologies fucking kings

o point
o joke

physical pieces compelled sides
comprising everything

hi blasé

altered market
duality flinching
rain festivals tripped

knives deterritorialize
hidden anchors

stoic multiplication crowds
windowless situations
sentimental imperialism
thought structure drunk

drive a circus
leap fountains
(continued same stanza)
in suburbs

a fugue
a world

ornamental anxiety surges
tears connection
monoculture be pavement
on pure duration

breasts discovering graffiti

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