Tuesday, October 25, 2011

poems || Jim Leftwich


01. infrastru but ne
02. anemic devised
03. a philt
04. poir by thos
05. hur contra unexpe fi
06. envelopes of what

07. localities
08. speak other or o glo feed
09. pitfalls of work

10. pres
11. unint

12. presceint presence
13. lint
14. pavilio spiders web in the shape
of ne shake th thoughts through
asemic lint poems to choose the
spheres mist between our hallowed syntax

15. lets say mu net beautifully sinuous
16. woven density of thought
17. according to existence

18. alor concept globalizatic
19. sphere mover to genen knots
20. seamless implied by per lateral identities

21. togeth suit withou
bones of a cat
22. the vegetable ne length cot ecology
23. the quality of clamoring for identity

24. the quality of clamor for a solitary idea

25. experiential scales interpre
26. galactic disciplines
27. common to representational support notion

28. bubbles whole
that no cake
around our radiate dismantled few
29. solio ider
30. now o suw this packag bacteria cross

31. for me they are linked at nesting although how
32. for me by extending livable
appeals to arrayed in earthworms

33. while humans n the old image v Renaissance
is no overall quadrilateral borrow
of the inte cont conn they do not reside
through the edges in which case
34. also avoid
35. i
36. and no

37. the eel is beautiful and elegant
as an engine of possibility
38. psycho noti within
39. there was only one subjective than more nothing
40. philo no cosm



the noise plots
ar index na
scripts ide ent

power co nu
of the poetic
mos ta sequ

pa engag

1. historical
2. shellfish


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