Friday, October 28, 2011

poems || Felino A. Soriano

Analyzed Depictions 36

In response to Fred Jung's query: "Gangsterism," you have recorded five parts thus far."

Well, the "Gangsterisms" are, as I was saying before, my compositions are chameleon like in a lot of ways. I started out with "Gangsterism on Canvas" (Soundtrack to Human Motion) and that piece is just based on one of Andrew Hill's compositions, "Erato."

Jason Moran

(—after Moran’s Gangsterism on Canvas)

Appropriate this variant ensemble of stroking renditions,
vertical silhouette of
progressive emotional mobility
too (or)
in the muscular fascination with overwhelming(taking) upon contract with mind and hands’ instructive holding

to verbalize or (though: nonviolent, the purple presented, —unbruise but parallel the thought to a lilac’s expressive hankering)

recreate a rhythm of noted desegregation
a near-plagiarized notion to connect via metaphor or faculty of wandering

(here: not the wandering of quotidian aimless; the wandering expression to unfold architectural
premises of enveloping connections)

personal this expressive interpretation
valid and valued
: intuitive moments then erased as to

withdraw, wholly.

Analyzed Depictions 37

"I guess what it comes down to is, my music is different: the way I write, the way I compose, the way I deal with dynamics, the way I organize the other players in my group is just different."

Matthew Shipp

(While listening to Shipp’s Merge)

Of the laughter


formation intuitive hindsight : positioned here relevance
curtails logic’s
winding hands of creating concrete syllables, persuasion the corporeal
fascination reveals
curtained contours
the blend and bodily momentum hibernating surplus
certainty evolves (involves certainly) the burn of the system, the segregated fathoms
of muted human tongue
burgeoned though relocating redirected emotion

spun as permissive

echoes’ discontented


Analyzed Depictions 39

"A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.”

Paul Cezanne

(—after Cezanne’s The House with Burst Walls)

of the rumored dimensions

queries or

fascinations one’s tongue
examines within descendent light and specific devotion

sponsors or celebrates the either-method of paradoxical achievement:

of what
to the pertaining walls, their

weight of now-reformation
lens and eye of the wind’s laziest stagnation to

require altered, the conscious desired
reclaiming temporal now-passing and

realize method of tonal disparateness solitary among colors of
turquoise and lilac’s most visual pronunciations?

Analyzed Depictions 40

"In communications, familiarity breeds apathy."
William Bernbach

Range of committed publication, the i.e.

pleasure fulcrum
illuminated of the highest formulations

cultural questionnaires ramble circumstance envelops

sorted syllables of the indented value.

Speech as

motions of

conjoined mosaics,

tongue redirects
surveys the
querying manifest

amid outcast


purposeful calculations of the endearing modulation.

Analyzed Depictions 41

“Work is love made visible.”

Kahlil Gibran

Relinquish the anti-cleansed rendition of the body’s immobility.
Stagnant whitewash
vocal as a whisper’s repeated mantra, multiplied or pluralized vendettas
movement as a sacred rejection, hoping then the

slouching spine becomes interrelated syllables of a prose worth
interpreting. Yet
how or
why the partition opens:

subsequent upon rejuvenated
laughter, the cleanse of whitened solidity
praise or precise functionality of endeavored numerosity.

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