Thursday, October 20, 2011

3 poems || Josh Bosworth


Fast Dhaka fatwa–
dowel cynical.
Folia domain dead dowse
the indrawn coypu flea cento saluki of fish heads is manlike
The FASO went to Fahd and ate defogs.
Whilst a monist shriven a lisp.
Lets handoff height weave trivia pals doze mamba bevy.

Lawyer Vacation

Outgun the gushy butyl of the witch.
Lekythus chinchy iota skives.
Jocund oeuvre oaten in posadas.
Ones opine outkicks otiose woofers.
It abuts the kidding legist an–
elysian podia.
Organs begin a boycott.
Instep kite ode.
Nicked rightly.

Crowd Control

Blindly firing cubed rouge fatalities–
This chair flew far beyond eyes–
freely frantic globs of discoursed relief.
Fabulous festers seek suffering
amusing red buff dinosaurs.
We skipped.

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