Thursday, October 20, 2011

poetry || Peter Ganick

streetwise aperitif valises tibia slightly affreux thorogh phantasm iconoclast enamel noetic brook stile than mode through stimmungen avail cacophony reach toon slurring listening aside wait federal galapagos tenor eggnog alert ovations economies deliberative otherwise pallor commotion elastin vacancy meet situate noesis than brooming not wherein aside nominal cogito suede shopworn nerve silence sloth enamor soot harrow schema tentative efficacy brooked elsewhat normative hoodoo zones denizens elaborative sturdy borrower holding streetwise vacuole borealis atomic lotto spansule migrate somewhat mignon alizarin iffy oceanic red middle grounds tented whirlagig mend remote mobius thoughtful sic non tragedic enamor as ad hoc clime teutonic seite anomalous thereafter ingredient engineer align nirguna impede sorting escalier ledger ingenue thorough sirrah blanketed inner silence thousands milling needless roughshod enter territority smote vacation leisure epsilon thatness cloudless entity nefarious unsent unspoiled imputed slack neophyte moving each near mobius street anothered viaduct mop eigentum eeriest nova snit javelin ethereal clavichord slight precipice jumps to acrostic vanquish tentative lotto spam soot enamor vicinity absolutism yurtle mope hiatus engrain each leech foible trailblazon thoroughly presumptious bearing intentions elixir taffeta mitoses brokered incursion tandem plot etch warmer noon a la cartesian oomph bookish powder keg implicate note borrowing sack taunt valve inversely precipate motto scalar inert aisle on tides dweller pabulum sephardim collocation lethe ivory preludes nobis boat hottest cloak coldeer singularity brokered engine infatuation elliptical messenger anima thorough surmount evensong which nominal coronet vacancy perilous traduce nominal curry iffiness enter all action evensong ironically busts homeroom ingest nevertheless whoever scenic latte urgency pristine capulet imperious telling stet nevertheless anode milling festoon eagerly precipient untidy nos and yesses none tolerably outre ancient zones tine alit lasso material infinity resume parliamentary occlusion repetition slightly apple nothings enigmatic least ingredient kalpa douce toper acid earring streetwise invulnerable bothersome shock nth silence abrogation from for willing expertise ancillary edifice notocord imperiously adamant elsewise permanent calisto tread minnesanger isness wiles of permissivity once sattva innurred atomic valises ebb also documentary bluster sedimentary clair elsewhat improvident cellar waving through presiding mandible structural indemnification where with surreal consciousness wake awared engulf kimono trill dystopic algorhythm surfacing edification merriment cacophonous impart leitmotif aileron cashmere glitch hoarding sledge mainsail vociferous tandem glow noesis that scruple outer martinet hybrid outer sited algorithm icing burger holiday

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