Friday, October 28, 2011

3 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

arte darough ...thimself
saidshough, yawn .awn
glow chambred hundat
throtru crust. call neven
inglylesh soluter relamp
eeparal biffered
load dumpnit unive yr.o
sperful irstea ared out u

fixermello happenseter ol
sty strong obdurated flock
ick inducers ettingly greeny
to survive d scall crost goy
timeup splanty rogee givern
argosy dopplrist forget'rblue

bood magendering happed up
res imple brus despbad gondo
flugged in plying onto
apternity being appertance accu
red sound by ser doubless vouch

priest with spacknew motinyin hand


nu fo ety doj
hep fuub vop,
di faeob toda,

rinse repeat du
clawword repe
wot fu hanli mu

faeob di atoga,
special save al,
l,to wor,fum lop

nuety doj fo eo,b,
aw,wo ordrepeob

over to blow from different
hornshots words breathingre
sting abundance bees mucicah
dried plants attics torn ma old
spoonerlungs pour toward sac
red place [di-hebridal spacial]
prisms song regular playbilly]
drinking carpetscotch hop e yip
head post bodylien slag alliance

what the bot art s click mossydregs
trum pet windtwisting ashes rheum
attic par oxysm oz by demand upon
devoted cattle phantoms a lost melo
over to blow from different wasting

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