Monday, October 10, 2011

2 poems || Jim Leftwich


were gasp towers
drones the lost
bones differen
only eyes are
fictions yet th

ladder without
its bridge of letters
demons the moral
energy that

defir are going to
thirty years of

with you we have
the night of dots
to become our near




even if we
whe collaps
sometl band

beeth time
or magazine
like ir of
relig rebel
to salvag
aret the futur

more than th
hav ma not we
hav to build
ha your spent
re bey your
wipt thall
toggets butter
your terror
old without
age flames now
that yoyo are
will still
your healthy
letters beckon

once need and
locust dreams
of California
like acid rain
on the truth
of goats let
us engender
less dirigible
than stop


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