Saturday, October 8, 2011

poetry || Peter Ganick

arcana downtown recuperate veneer alchemical douanier novice litotes eggshell nitrate camouflage ointment rallentando vigilante modus trapdoor selected avoidance repetatur sluice florin alot opera signatory commensurate oilcan iseult mandala imprection seller aced nanotech illbient samplers selter onsite valence bottom framing sleet where silence accurate mile high spacious notification wearing stultifies emergence than fleeting surmounts exhort terra firma telco than siege lacunae debate site vendor sallow parity each next egoic nil brochure acme tent entrance sloppy gnosis ahoy gnosis toast vernal ontology presumes debilitate by assumption elate vascularity empirical deterrence allies den mother veni value deterrent caliper acmes detente valuable thrash oversight nitrous dacha moot racing elder navigators suspire than ceiling traits novice appriable cahier got vernal copiers ozone that hey enviable milling arrows blameless antiphony vindaloo seizures deliberating comparative oceanside theorem glancing hiawatha mode snail driven bet all tidy sooted vanishing cropsharer caprices deluge ream sitter vernal opacity glacial theory otherwise parsec double tempura etiquette asian brilliantine sobriquet maleable threat event rehab iterating least inquiry noon leery boggle tread trattoria selective mannerism tolerable than resusicate illbient mode rhetorical sudden alto breakaway images deliberating vacancy emotile guarantee also noon valkyrie than seizure planetary cairn bloss geist nimbus theatre annex cider svelte mainsail borealis throughout parity avenue latinate vale throughout precedent integral lotus flammable integrate lignam fissure each neither waist deterence those ahead iterating elementation jarring elevate noes thorough ire laissez foal tone siesta iterating emporia thrown scalar pittance seizures devious borrower ampoule enigmatic sleight northerly acme massive that brocade mortises egoic strength invisibly cairn selective reaching realitized vernal opiate each lotto sparrow inertia greatly renewal intention seltzer ozone otherwise alright ossification merrily than treatments evidence permafrost grainy nocturne simbiant fleshy goiter naked entourage liaison treadmill easel govern ainsi that restructure avalanche inert prochain sluff haricots vert than insignia deluge either swiping greatly processual than curiosity thrall epidemic pandemonium thatness of nth inquiry tolerable trailing ahead to meantone wide of strange patterning somewhat infiltrate comma terminus guillotine perpetuate volition everywhat avenues delight once entretemps lorgnette marionette focus appelation merge intrada element byling grosser hophead shop witnesses validate omit get go thensome routine algorithm vanish repeat vanishing persist accede melodic eventuation persnickety algorithms envoi rehearse everywhat incur fission leer lathe alliance troubadouu mimetic avocation burlap honcho brokered invention least note tout vaudeville focusing each wherewithal noumena debate nature eventide intaglio either tangible atropos than curfew cognate mirroring evidence through apres midi nothingness accurate lest averaging elementation prudent nave surplus aegis tjant trammel occlude styrene calculate mirroring aegises torn storehouses parliamentar cluster phonic delay two two those riposte available thans soccer paean simulacra of persistence those results feckless dowry tangible reductive amalgams straight away format liaison purview caliphate degrees milling tropism ironic elevate aisle toehold ruminate moot saccharine doubt garlands empty celestial boons energy modus apprenticeship either icarus stonuy boastful enamel conceal territorial flourish gruelling realitizations amidst stoked glares taxiing those scrutiny esophagus reliable spa tangible rote viaduct omission carouse tentative leaning torrent laddered witnesses fond iterative malapropism gustatory flounce golgotha either networking accessibility unveils sedimentary occlude moat selector veracity stump preamble crinoline throughput exaggerate axon intentional curries standarded improbable softness jarring where scruple changes arpeggiate mollusk averaging whichever thorough slices preamble clientele rampart vernal occasions elaborate clunk ornery style isthmus genial proclamation evidence through piebald notions everywhile transient tolerable yardarm conclusive replica triangle mirrors evidence seldom frantic aporias deluding advance symmetries elaborative where styrene grapples occasional nomos territorial yet mitigate itselv tenuto emigre distinguish stymie accurate consequence anklet vessels riff an referee value derivation slurry palindrome glaring those reuttered ainsi blockag reflect arena slipperies wanton languid genetic also systematic avail cursor than plummet oases those reagent tolerably oversight breakaway considerable throughput suede attorney magnet podium stereophonic ail hallow throughout kinship realities envision thatness asemic between asking 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peaceful theatre whichwhy progenitor acumen latinate mindstyle disclaim evaluate mobius tatter alizarin thatness wherewhile nice ships interested logjam radian orphic lightweight simulacra hide asleep earnest global cincture alveoli thatthis scumble stealth preoccupy ancestor veer preamble dossier calumny thatthis privilege rehearse english canoe tone strum peppered laissez aforemention salve torrent each item remain cluster signature episode moat neither footloose those nib structure alternative elastin vacuous tatter suprematist evacuee aegean thorough surplus agitate pristine a la cartouce modes tussel crumble script evalute mordent alternatives least otherwise liaison tentative oddity lotto easel tachyon non committal therein versatility plumage retainer viewpointism calibrate intersect intervene empty then somatic garlands retain vermillion stent everywhy another satiate milling rollick thatness of scrutiny mettle oafish thorough bleed tint cell wisely permit woofer sine gustatory oeuvre stent vicinity pleaonastic avarice tool styrene thatwhyness of perpetuity simplicity evacuees dhoop singular however whytofore grammatic elaborate move rime strange inertia least noggin attention special feint willows from student rhythm concur nothingness wake connote calcify revelation elder ahoy noesis thorough ply mutinous degrees deign valse torpedo aegis cimmaron tolerable cell either waitings weld border aout melisma commerce vacancy tolerant evening essence torpedo illbient manifold spur eeriest gavel humidor pleonastic vale through wade also brook edify camouflage intrepid vocalize mettle yet alto spasmodic lure nicoise tenet brokered novena neither salut enormity ousia that frailty empowerment clack utter stasis through penchant epilogue otherwise alpine treat emptor salut invents demean torpor vacuum orbit persist than cluck hoary footfall event milling epistrophy rarity garland redoubtable issue enigmatic valse no rotary punch drunk acacia thrall rundown insurrections valises permafrost oddity nascence telling wide offhand neutral impetuous lament veldt insurrective malapropism through surreys sampled frosting weal offertory anorexia double play humorless antonym estrange selfhood aporia envisions deluge supine mimic

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