Sunday, October 16, 2011

poetry || Peter Ganick

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dinner unveils othered immersion parachutist vehement calypso weeping swirl thoroughly oriole nounal crocus suddenly mindstylism that normal which materialize stand uptown sine qua noted elsewhere ivory capitulate seconding easel trot euphonic skid otherwise allotropic whichever walling through a surreal mindset vanquishes feist remoulade sotto voce than prudence nothingness snore negotiator yawl matterhorn cite overside annuate vigil either wassail quantification elemental coiffure isness wall boards detritus vagrant cell withdrawn contrastive impute acorn listless aeneid evanesce tirade outerwise val de mar shuffle spotless anchor entour retina moving urreal locus reflector since ratification wordless anthem curry slept nothing easel renaming poof slight enamel acme broken silence those listening aware from accuracy thrown elliptic vanish query ancillary linear toon screech owner otherwise parallel coatlique notification elongate inroad prudent viaduct format-free onslaught portion slump naming each least furlough noon treadmills denial norm either witness lasso tonearm cipherous delight engulf ironic lamentation effulgence terrazzo burrow languish remind tote liminal cohere utterly parallel chortle kaolin rickshaw progenitor relay contras notes onrush toll site widely ownerships fulfillment accordance tools delightful since alternatives quarried seitan vilify noesis thorough widely overinstate fluidity epochal benign hophead essence torrent ousia shall entrances delightful notebooked accurate onrush ever flash code itness willowy nominal coefficients elsewhat befuddle amulet focus delay oreilles deferent also noon singularities each caloric suede vindaloo remind slightly cetacean mobility wahwah ghastly harrow inertia clime nostrum answer finder lettered censor sure ennoble intransigent each least nothingness academe scruple outer winesack etoile tread signature essence torrent fibrous each nature sleight nitrous galleon shack onward lesser tread itness scramble itemize regulum atonement curate gaunt syllogistic theatre singular prosthetic relay coven fender zooic lotto endemic laden slippery faustian aforemention laisse gruppen stopgap ultrafine alternative blush horrorific neoprene singularity peppered snuff listless anno dossier everlasting euphonic dardanelles edit evening listless rooftop elaborations lesser thorough operandi pemmican through inquiet understood entrust vacancy through pittance sine tiramisu fellowship thrice occasional emeritus nevertheless once loquacity answer plebiscite amaze mountain slurpie caliphate nevertheless antiquarian listless anonymous reel through trellis broadsided intersecting velour entrancing least governance stile parachutist nomos call zone temporal eternal voices tree asmara volcanic borne aardvark ghat naissance prema toast ovo lacto egg shoemaker veracity blush evident school reification either wielding stipulations eeriest val de mar neoprene foamy soapdust vanish elastin cafeteria quarries elsewise partake non tangibility once stipulate moribund forbidden puffin also animate burden alertness wakeful sotto burin scale torrentous favoritist manoevre thankful clamor each kneel intervention slat insulate merge asleep clime holograph immense those reign arrows shortfall evensong those looking saplings envelop rend assume scruple edify least vouchsafe oliphantine camber sitting aliens either walks through interregnum salient majorette mindful stereophonic listless anarchism ones twos through settle neon parachutes deliberative ocean dossier monocle thatness stranded unglue streetwise aperitif valises tibia slightly affreux thorogh phantasm iconoclast enamel noetic brook stile than mode through stimmungen avail cacophony reach toon slurring listening aside wait federal galapagos tenor eggnog alert ovations economies deliberative otherwise pallor commotion elastin vacancy meet situate noesis than brooming not wherein aside nominal cogito suede shopworn nerve silence sloth enamor soot harrow schema tentative efficacy brooked elsewhat normative hoodoo zones denizens elaborative sturdy borrower holding streetwise vacuole borealis atomic lotto spansule migrate somewhat mignon alizarin iffy oceanic red middle grounds tented whirlagig mend remote mobius thoughtful sic non tragedic enamor as ad hoc clime teutonic seite anomalous thereafter ingredient engineer align nirguna impede sorting escalier ledger ingenue thorough sirrah blanketed inner silence thousands milling needless roughshod enter territority smote vacation leisure epsilon thatness cloudless entity nefarious unsent unspoiled imputed slack neophyte moving each near mobius street anothered viaduct mop eigentum eeriest nova snit javelin ethereal clavichord slight precipice jumps to acrostic vanquish tentative lotto spam soot enamor vicinity absolutism

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