Saturday, October 22, 2011

poems || John Pursch

Flickers of Noon

Thumping on a meat cavern, flippant segues give a rotating blueberry to swollen trampolines, hemming in the nuances of small cheese and mobile, ribald illusions. Cramped by stolen threads of fashionable alibis, spent into cornfields with rows of plastic hairlines, a simpering can of melted vermin acts otherworldly, climbing up a frieze of chilly happiness, speaking candidly to the venous vineyard's sweltering apple cart. Soiling grass parades in tourniquets, grappling onto a smell of cantering anions, pickled but so serene. Frittering away half a lunar simpleton, creators from a bygone Popsicle dream of statistical jeers and felonious animals, handling flickers of noon with righteous, electrical stammering. Crawl spaces light up, tumble to the street, escape the rush of penal taxi cabs gone arid, and spin the galaxy, intently peering at airborne mothballs. Alternating green and shifty velour chariots, a circadian motif gambles on clear, incandescent oglers, hiring a shabby specimen within office limits. Lakes covet slag, beach an exposed whale, christen a purple raincoat with vast explosives, and hurtle minimal need into dirges of serrated neglect. Orphans bite well heads, teething till they terrify a tramcar, and clot a misshapen alley's penultimate dumpster. Dire and windswept, glowing portents loom queerly over septic nadirs of political gist, exhorting even the greyhound's last, dystopian gesture, plying the backlit, stellar jigsaw for fuel and another grand, fallacious trade. But billowing canisters of lathe filings, ubiquitous in their culottes, can't mend the random, wholesome yelps of cruising caterers, leaving the shattered skyline quite bereft, incarnadine and plowed asunder.

The Chackle of Imbalfucon

A spaggle with a wombing quent,
in jambilicious stelton meench,
ovance umorit pencialib
hanj eerim tinerof;
or pausal, tentiocter hib
to nomon figk for epilantial
alis aber fonce, upon
a snilling ratapendent eern,
in sponter's queg jarede.

How arcudentous, feltan nombard,
hintage homte a nypsom onter,
furingious lectorindent palen,
gantem exorampted donment
menthen stibbler staircat's
irridential gamelonk
punsimilurated hebble crounce;
pendoculular soakem kiten gramopon,
hergamified of whiet.

The chackle of imbalfucon,
ifting penz aquatomonic
fite morant and joom to powter
empulen in hont.

Anchonic sampt elmera plonge,
squontabular in thrinest's meange;
depple plendifactored mythem,
noff the baritoze in helph.
Gasiphorma tenterprage,
sinaforgal namberpew
along a feen's contaminob,
to mezzify yeur spim.

Ertle Ond Yorm Kewemt

Armitous entabules grimane
the perefintial ormand
with whem, euclentian mornink,
ongling a pherule with hormal jamt,
spinugular and onmented.

Camarine tenbors zerane
an incanted phlose of urvle embulance,
hippling ululogim ques irgurt hemrin
orf mentule hojkotch splugle.

Ertle ond yorm kewemt, espotching cardool
tem entor phleeg un uitence,
porm querudentious enner barmle
gen hempten eerfloggen tubil.

Overn ingerstam,
eng thrame irt onspruten xyphter,
arthen sprentil meers kength
mortuben flar rembent ampter
spor tun croes bezong.

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