Wednesday, June 9, 2010

two texts || Sheila E. Murphy

Lauds (7)
Prayer removes the dynasty of misplaced attention,
Prompting gods hypothesized, resembling prior flowers
Shouted into being by unforgivingly obedient
Minions who insist reality is and shall remain
a sheeply glut of tiny thinking thought.
Misshapen acts of beauty smother needed acts of resurrection
Acts of sterling, acts of platinum, acts of skin
Acts of godlamb, acts of praise, acts of indignation
Acts of infinite impatience that recalculate God
From accumulated moments of induction from all
Human tissue, plant material, smooth and rough shelves of stone.

Lauds (8)

Semi-pro bono frolic with the native spores
Resurfaces imaginary gardens along coordinates
First punctured into capstone courseware
Alongside narrative that winces right on schedule,

Where sanguine vultures tamp down otherwise
Possessions shown in single file
Along the street part of the street fair
In the open airlight, praise falling

Like integers in an economic storm.
What kind of virtuoso paves her own
Spitshine while trying to appear
Neutral? Whom can she talk to,

Save the jaunty gent who wants her yes
To be free form, to seem nonchalant,
To have the enterprise seem mutual
As an insurance policy dreamed down upon.

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