Tuesday, June 22, 2010

poem || billy bob beamer

stutter rete tar ratar
tie atie tie tarratutter

ho pow to align
more fully a tea cheer
magagazine edituck or
fined outlook into talky
abut synch ronicity e e
hearing about retchsearch
beastie comes the mindo
a real secret a real pessrue
phem poinal art the world
any thin in a way startlung
tumultuous intense planetary
gloomexciting like in the mid/
exciting ur anus coming to
geathere adapt new situations roll
with cahn besses next few days
conjunction uranus and jupiter
what is made in the enst
solar flare grid killfry
on civilization hard
to predict archetype
kooly happening
subterrain energies
oil plumes
feather hardon
to knowsola
ra flated sounor extremebly
unconbemtional things
bemsha swing
economy could go dottery
feidog rottme torf see stock
pattern keep a poo po suck
o ete on it conceete reaching
toward stars conceretmess
goof advice anytime to just be
self sufficient everyine becomes
entrepreneurs time and pace
independent supplies on hand
common sense bottle panic and
worry article guru key in resonated
taberkey mystical ascribed karma
from past presence of synchronicity
what is to unfold come tell us about
incor eastern traditio underlying sense
of spirit events whole chapter another
story then writer pub library upna disga
walked away havinge these the things abgel
walk past fook fall when happen most point
in direvtion most lot encourage cist vision wu
esta a person birforacle like iching we arediy
riuymteach us liemot not ancient concept to end
goal acorn is not simply dissect under a chemical
mage up noy rote figooal of oak tree mys traditions
d n a have to see where we gead toeawad horeflects
rud to that whether practicaltelos constabte realization
think all kins doof ways getting massages for the in brass
frown out signal quite mine d o a book erson bird tragedy
what seemud to be a tragedy for ego is a triumph for the
spit i sugar good bigger perspectibe article as well wait
many lifetimes many how do we get into the mind set
i do meditation studootie hothe tradions well goyud vista
space since stories stretches pic yure nothing immersed
in day has place stricy roy for astrology cosmo in your life
science valiarfete createyore snoy doer tea cher accurate study
with guru biyi tiyue yotake a quick break...

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