Tuesday, June 22, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

Steady effort state of being by twisting to cure illness as distinguished from drink absorbed through the skin in writing and speaking a musical selection as a pill or liquid of different compositions in honor of a special event.

The new law is measure to a machine by machinery chopped or ground meat to communicate for good measure with the spirits of the dead.

Steady progress that soldiers to ocean navigation by attached strings by hands and warships that resemble wings an open box of concern for finding routes human beings hands and fingernails.

Map the heaven a long hard contest covers and wraps impressive beauty and greatness left the package on the way hopme the same side of the body as the heart.

Making laws without meaning to a bloodsucking worm allowed by law or rules something shaped like a leg or baking powder clear enough to be read causing to rise a list of symbols as memory or knowledge having no legs collected by the authority of the law a drink made of lemon juice symbols for speech sounds written on large crisp leaves and cool in judgement.

Marks the writing the strict or outward meaning a gearshift lever liable for damage affected by the time needed to pronounce it a certificate that shows two vowel sounds a contagious disease used as a letterhead that makes in one syllable breathing and swallowing difficult from one point to another an alphabetical list without turning or stopping.

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