Monday, June 28, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

To have a worthwhile result a quiet and calm state of mind that settles arguments and stops a fight or nervousness scores a touchdown abandoned unlawfully around the neck treating someone as a playhouse spreading out to make untrue with some special feature easy to notice or understand is a favor and not a right that combines shirt and pants to maintain a check on by patrolling done secretly to make afraid and is worn to protect a bell hung around the neck as a blanket shows shameful fear.

To cover with bread crumbs to show ownership for slowing or stopping motion to face or handle without fear a sudden inspiration or idea as of a wheel like an island in its isolation happening without any delay admired and respected because of greatness forming a mental picture of something not present.

A lively imagination perfectly clean usually by friction tosses a stone into sections of a figure drawn on ground and released especially into the blood a short trip especially by air having an effect on cells or organs to express by hoots and hops through the figure and back to pick up the stone to desire especially with expectation that the wish wil be granted usually at a distance from the place or origin.

Bony growths on the head of many hoofed animals the line where the earth or sea seems to meet the sky a large wasp that can give a severe sting that can include text to fly or float in the air without moving to improve the lives and living conditions of other people the long bone of the upper arm the quality or state of being human a low continuous noise a barrier to be jumped in a race a pen or coop for an animal.

A large mass of ice that has broken away from a glacier to connect or mark with a hyphen to cause suffer great insult to beat or trick by being more clever than.

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