Monday, June 28, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

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eyedoc: flot e


in memory of bill dixon d.6-16-10

this is/
post one (darkthicknense
great estmusicala
mind sost celest aeon a cosmos/
share knowno (timeless pro fund
illfitt 1 ef=fect interpolate greaty )sound slash)
unmastered contribu (dense
tuti shuns art of musi time)csale
there is 1diffrence bet tween ie
an artist (truth a redfeld cution
afreedom and sound
expression clar throat callinet
a s(oy\u/ng artist anvis uale (mot
a po et profund impact) bon mot
accel arted inner several
areas not just being a
player an artist at
once eflatbeen bedfedded
sound profound (experience
working with ha step ho/
cares dared sigaerwet
music is an/a (profusion
art firm difficulty
toda indert snad
owas ho ya hoawat
deeply devolved in concepts yad kodo
america uhwhy like the eer ie concepts
saw an america truly/ relects the namerical
spirit individuality interfoggyrut the idea that
any can be worfed in many areas not alifetime
arecognition no diff/ all loved/ andunder/overit recognition
among fellow creators is important but much
more effefext wished ba yut americans didn't
recognize the micusis since raised in an
environook where excellence was about to know (self
itsself and to work with circles around oo idea foundy/
remember free form improvitorial mucga hahoto yot is cada
idea muca is could be preforemended freely greater whole
so now com potter found work with several projects
yespoin eared with dan cell music with film playing with
a richr li-gee in the mind so will be making binaryposts
be chancegreat mind greta that friendgreat/ disagreements
be listening to music/ with continue
d music hope that they hope
will recognize artspitspirit

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