Thursday, June 10, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Oil axe, rye tax paw fry arc toe, ass war, sex pan bio. Why, bet per new rub. Get zip cow. Ego low rig ash yet. Dew par sob. Web fag hoe, ask zit cop who.

Pal raw, lay fat gal, wow, jet tit lip kit, bam. Not bit dot mom non. Lap our pep. Moo. Zen gag. Bum one dam bib. Met cap can pay wig but dry dog saw god.

The sip woe tot wed gem cub. Owe lit ant, yes. Sat man may mow her sag. Pig hat nay ink sky pus. Vow thy wee doe had law. Joy for jay who hit dad.

Beg pip top bat now way put let pee red rot hid sod pun cog pit eye bar egg sin tan old pie tee say eel had bay hub thy hid jut way web say bye.

Boy (ham) pat rap (pop nay den cot sad ice cut) sun. Rue too. Pro cob, shy wit, bud (nip and fox) kid row pod let bob. Wad (bun net wet bee nun gap) cob.

Far (rad) mop (rat) toy (hen) she (fur) hot (sir) gut (art) had (law) pup (tar) wag (dye) sub (lot) ark (rag) cab (cop) fin (sow) gab (dip) rob (nap) pot (fun) caw (hut) tub (you).

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