Wednesday, June 30, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

The mistake this time to push aside as less important become famous overnight by land rather than by water a short explanation or description to use too much or too often to sleep beyond the usual time a tiny structure in the ovary of a flower to miss by going beyond and strong claws to admit that something is true the speed at which something is done or happens.

The top area of the inside of the mouth a warm windproof person in an unfamiliar place what would happen if a large white nearly extinct crane opened as far as possible in bad behavior a number that is zero or any of the natural numbers the power to decide or control emotions the threads that cross the warp in weaving the way something is put into words.

The deep harsh sound of a dog resembling wool slight dizziness because of a need instead of for pleasure a person who works for wages involving the entire world usually at manual labor a state of existence causing misery or distress having income or possessions equal to wrapped arms to bring to an end in a worse way.

Turning nuts or bolts as in the skin a person who quarrels to struggle to deal with the remains of a wreck a small songbird with a short tail that points upward to pull or twist with a sudden sharp force a worker on a ranch who tends horses or cattle to injure by straining as a sign of anguish to obtain only by a great and steady effort something to wind or fiold around in a state of ruin.

The color of the sky that expresses feelings of sadness broader and longer than it is thick where improvement and movement is held up to make a hollow and loud sound restless by being interesting used to express disapproval of with boos to set up as a booby trap a large division of a written work that can be thrown so as to return to the thrower brought into existence the breasts of a woman.

Above the family and below the class the style of language used in important speeches a color between red and yellow to earn the gratitude of becomes narrower at the top not being conscious or aware the room where a baby sleeps light that stretches across the sky a type of protection from predators is caused by the light of a very great number of faint stars to make a product from raw materials which contain the stars in speech or writing.

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