Friday, June 18, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

Slight rfeezing a facial expression active warfare between bodies of air or deep thought a frontal attack as of seaweed bubbles form in moist skin to play about happily become covered with frost.

Doctor of medicine a musical or dramatic performance expressing a general rule or rule of conduct usually not showing emotion measurement relations possibly but not certainly to handle roughly.

A confusing arrangement of paths or passageways to be dealt with a heavy hammer used to express a wish and a yellow breast or lemon juice.

A songbird enough in quality for driving wedges in mathematics being a mother a lower jaw to work at or do the work of operating extinct related forms capable of being extended or shaped with blows from a hammer purplish flowers fed by nutrients that pass through the placenta.

Suckling cub with fove petals a planned movement of troops and cereals in milk with long tusks of strings played by plucking some whose sap is evaporated.

Manhole as strength and courage in search of things to steal supplied by a miracle easy to detect by mechanical means to roam about and raid showing good manners written by hand especially extreme enthusiasm to ruin the beauty that makes clear to a sweet syrup the act of showing plainly.

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